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1Re: Benefits of human cloning and wet nanotechnology.

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  • jonathan_desp@hotmail.com
    Jun 6, 1999
      it was a message that i responded in the past to my friend eren casson.

      hi every body !

      True wet nano is good for the present for nanotech but not for the future i think.. nature is not evoluate.. it take to long for evolute.. example : it take 6 years for the our ribosomes(1millions+) to assemble all cell in our body.. 7 years for an adult body.. the nanosystem of the ribosome is not really good i think.. the nature has not invent the wheel yet.. so.... and we yes ! of course..

      nanotechnology will going give us the power to innovate much quickly and we will have the possibility to change our body. we will want to change our old neuron for better nanocomputer. BUT a problem happen because the neuron is not really complex.. but their interaction yes ! and if we want to have a better brain with nanocomputer we will must construct the interaction too and so.. can we ? with software i don`t think so.. it will become hazardous and maybe the creation of this brain will can control us humans. if we construct the interaction of this future brain with help of software maybe it will be good,correct.. but as we know when we do something we do construct relation through our neurons.. example : we construct a car and we must think how this car will be.. at the same time we construct neurons in our head.. and so.. in the future if we want to construct the another same car we use the same neurons.. soooooooo if we want construct a nanocomputer brain with the same complexity of our brain,interaction.. well at the end of the experience we will be much smarter than the nanocomputer brain.. and so, as we remember at the first moment of this experience the goal of this experience was to construct a much smarter brain.. foe put it in the place of our old brain... that`s a big problemof nanotechnology.. and this problem will appear not just with the brain.. with our cells too.. the interaction of our cell is really complex.. well yes..... our cells alone is maybe less compless than our future design of nanomachine but their relations, correllations,their inter-relations.. them ?

      please give me some opinions about that !
      How we will try to resolve this problem ?
      The software is the key I think.. if they are used step by step..



      Jonathan Desp
      Passion for nanotechnology

      Ps: I`m a dreamer and i will make a dream ! Nanodream !

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