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North and South RPG Rules! Please Read before Joining!

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    Welcome to the North and South RPG! So you looking to join in on the action? First things first, you must read these rules before filling out a character
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2002
      Welcome to the North and South RPG! So you looking to join in on the
      action? First things first, you must read these rules before
      filling out a character form. Please read all rules!
      1. Forget the History Books!

      So, as you all know the South lost the Civil War in 1865 and was
      generously allowed back into the Union by Lincoln days before his
      assasination. All fine and dandy, right? Well here at N&S the RPG
      the History books will be re-written. Battles will not always be
      fought on the same dates and places as History tells us, or possibly
      not fought at all. New battles will be fought. More (or less)
      casualties will be incurred. YOU will write the "North and South"
      Civil War. Just think of it this way? If we played a strict-
      historical based game, then all those die-hard Southern players would
      be runnin' scared by late 1864.

      2. The Importance of Role Playing

      Role Playing plays a HUGE part in the N&S RPG. In order to
      participate in the game you must Role Play (RP). All RPing is done
      on the main message board. Role Playing is like writing the story of
      your character, his orders, personal life, and sometimes strategies.
      Good Role Playing helps situations go your way and can help sway the
      battle in your favor. Role Playing can be fun, exciting, and
      rewarding to all who participate.

      Tips on Role Playing.
      - Write like your writing a story, not a screenplay.
      - Spelling is big.
      - Quality over Quantity.

      3. Who and What is a GM?

      The GM or Gamemaster is there to be the referee for N&S RPG. The GM
      is the one who controls every aspect of the game, from rank
      assignment, battle writing, to rule-making. The GM is there to keep
      the game moving and to make sure everyone is having fun. If your not
      having fun the GM is there to find out why and to offer any help.
      The current GM is always listed in the current Crew Manifest which is
      put out by him every week. Any questions or comments about the game
      should be directed towards him. The GM always has the final say.

      4. Flow and Timeframe of the Game

      Gameflow and Timeframes are an important parts of N&S RPG. When
      roleplaying use realistic time frames. For instance, if your
      character is ordered to take his division and make the journey from
      New Bern, NC to Washington, D.C., one Role Play post on the message
      board stating your forces have left and arrived at the destination is
      not going to cut it. More realistically it would take at least 3
      posts when traveling between those destinations. Keep it realistic,
      and allow your characters to develop in your role plays.

      5. Battles

      Johnston's I Corps and Meade's III Corps have met on the
      battlefield. How do we know this? The Gamemaster has posted an
      ensuing battle. He will create the setting and request each
      player(s) involved to post their orders. Orders will obviously be
      determined by the highest ranking officer. For example, a Colonel
      will not be giving orders if a Brigadier General is at hand. Once
      the orders have been given, then the players are to Role Play what
      their troops/character is dong to prepare. Battles are pretty easy
      to figure out and will be determined by the GM (of course) and will
      depend on how well each player Role Played. Results and casualties
      will be posted by the GM. From there the game goes on.
      Depending on the size and time of the battle the GM will sometimes
      provide maps for resource use through the files section of the page.

      6. Complaining About Results

      A Big no-no in N&S RPG. Not only does this annoy the hell out of the
      GM and the Founders, it definatetly wont help in your next battle.
      If your corps took a nasty beating in a battle, relax, it was either
      part of a master plan or possibly because you didnt Role Play as good
      as our opponent(s). Rememberm quality over quantity. If you do have
      a problem that you would like to speak to the GM about, dont complain
      on the message board, send him an email, or even see if he is on
      Yahoo Messenger. The GM is there to make sure everybody is having
      fun. Possibly he can help your situation.

      7. Idleness of Player(s)

      The reason alot of RPG's go under on Yahoo is because of lack of
      participation. It is both annoying and frustarating to the GM,
      Founders, and other players. If players become idle for periods of
      time, the GM and/or General may replace any player with another one
      to keep game flow moving. If you need time off from the game, just
      talk to your General in Command or the GM and they will grant you a
      Leave of Absence. It's just common courtesy.

      8. Proper Message Board Ettiquette.

      (a) Please do not post things other than game related material on the
      Main board. Keep profanity low, and Politically Correct. Sticks and
      Stones can break peoples bones and names can definately hurt
      feelings. Thanks.

      (b) OOC or Out of Character is a way to chat while not in "game
      mode", if you have something to say, post "OOC" as the subject.
      Please keep OOC as low as possible or write them at the end of IC (In
      Character) posts. This will keep the board open for gameplay more
      than general chat.

      (c) Character Info- After posting your role plays it is required
      that you leave your character info at the bottom of the post to make
      it easier for other players (and the GM) to know what character(s)
      did what and where. This will just make it more organized. Almost
      like your writing a letter. Leave your characters name, rank, and
      designation. This will also help if you have more than one character
      on your screen name.

      9. Creating More Than One Character

      That one character not enough? You are allowed up to 3 characters
      per screen name. There is a catch however. It doesnt matter if you
      choose 2 or 3 characters per screeen name, you can only choose to
      play on one side, Union or Confederacy. This is enforced so team
      strategies arent given away. If you choose a character to play on
      the Union side, then your other characters (if you choose to have
      more) must also play for the union side. Please be honest and keep
      the game fair. Some strategies are better kept secret.

      10. Keeping a Chain of Command

      Please keep the chain of command going at all times. Listen to
      higher ranking players even if you disagree with the orders. Hey,
      think of it this way, if you disagree with an order given by someone
      higher up, write in your RP that your character disagreed with the
      order. It'll give you something extra to write about. Just about
      everyone will answer to someone, even the Commanding Generals who
      will answer to the GM. The GM will play as presidents for both sides
      (Jeff Davis for the Confederacy, and Abe Lincoln for the Union.)
      Well now that you've read the rules, continue on to the create a
      character. Remember to have fun!
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