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NALSAR goss..

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  • Prashant Iyengar
    Hey, Exciting times at NALSAR. You ll all hear different versions of it, but just wanted to pass this chat along. Best, Prashant me: hey.. so is it true about
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2011
      Exciting times at NALSAR. You'll all hear different versions of it,
      but just wanted to pass this chat along.

      me: hey.. so is it true about the riots at nalsar?
      LawStudent: yes !
      me: hehe.. Indian law schools version of tahrir square
      LawStudent: precisely
      me: so tell me what happened fully. .
      LawStudent: that's funny actually, that's exactly what i called it :)
      yeah so
      6:42 PM me: ?
      LawStudent: sorry call
      6:43 PM me: I got this message:
      "Dhanda was taking class and vc walked in and asked her to take her
      classes some other time as it was shafis class. Dhanda had an internal
      arrangement as usual where others had taken her class and she was now
      taking theirs to complete the course. Dhanda walked out of class. All
      students got fired up and rounded up the vc. He was fucked badly,
      people were shouting chutiya vc and all that. This went on for two
      hours after which all of us made him apologize to dhanda publicly.
      Then news spread that shafi had complained to the vc that dhanda was
      taking his classes. He was rounded up from his chamber and fucked
      badly, people threw chalk, newspapers, slippers on him, some kicked
      him too in between all this. He ran and locked himself up in the
      faculty room."
      LawStudent: that's exactly what happened actually :)
      there were these great slogans coming out
      me: heh.. which batch was this?
      LawStudent: VC (hai hai)
      well see
      6:44 PM she was teaching the 2nd years
      then he called her out
      at this point, people from my batch were outside the 2nd year classroom
      and saw him shouting at her
      me: he shouted at her?
      LawStudent: passions were inflamed
      yep, he did
      LawStudent: bastard
      6:45 PM me: so then what happened? .. whole college got together to fuck him?
      LawStudent: so then, she obviously walked off
      then HE went inside their class with shafi
      we called some more people from our batch trying to figure out what to do
      so the first thing we did was try to get the 2nd years to walk out
      6:46 PM so we're all standing outside singaling wildly
      it takes them about 30 seconds to gather the courage, and then the
      entire batch walks out on the VC's stunned face
      then once the 2nd years adn the 5th years are standing outside, we
      all started chanting slogans against the VC
      me: :)
      me: wah!
      LawStudent: he's of course still stunned
      6:47 PM LawStudent: some of the other batches stayed inside, some 4th
      years trying to come outside - the VC ran up and actually physically
      tried to move them back inside class
      that was hilarious
      then, we ganged up on him on the stairs leading up to the 4th year classroom
      me: :)
      this is all awesome
      6:48 PM LawStudent: and a couple of people from our batch surrounded
      him from both sides yelling/ arguiing with him
      all this while KVS is standing next to him looking mildly sheepish,
      while people are yelling stuff like "she's the only teacher whose
      classes are worth attending"
      then - oh this is funny - one of the warden-teachers tried to come
      up to save the vc
      6:49 PM and our batch pushedhim down, someone yelling "go check the
      hostels no !"
      me: haha
      LawStudent: anyway, the VC managed to push his way down the stairs up
      to his office, and again 5 -6 people went inside with him
      by this time, the entire college had gathered in that tiny space
      outside the VC's office yelling
      6:50 PM after around 15 minutes we got Dhanda down, and made him do
      the public apology
      somewhere in the course of this apology, it came out that shafi was
      the one who'd instigated him in the first place
      and the mob basically sprinted to where shafi was sitting in class
      and descended on him
      6:51 PM me: lol
      LawStudent: he had to be escorted away and locked inside the staff
      room by some other people
      me: so what did Dhanda say?
      6:52 PM LawStudent: well she said in front of everyone how rude and
      disrespectful it was to treat a faculty member like that
      and otherwise - well, she didn't say too much really, it was mostly
      the crowd doing the talking
      me: haha.. where are the mobile videos?
      6:53 PM LawStudent: oh we
      ll post them up on facebook soon
      there are LOTS
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