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    HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH – Weekly newspaer on web Spreading The Light Of Humanity & Freedom Editor : NAGARAJ.M.R. VOL.1 ISSUE.29 24/09/2005
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2005
      HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH – Weekly newspaer on web
      Spreading The Light Of Humanity & Freedom

      Editor : NAGARAJ.M.R. VOL.1 ISSUE.29


      Former cabinet minister at the central government Mr.
      Subramaniam swamy of janata party is repeatedly saying since years
      that ruling gandhi's family has received money from the foreign
      intelligence agencies. The goverment has not acted upon it till date
      bowing to pressures. He has even filed a case in the delhi high court
      , even the court failed to do it's duty. Now. the former KGB SECRET
      SERVICE OFFICER of erstwhile U.S.S.R himself has stated in his book
      that indeed the KGB has paid money not just to gandhi's family which
      has produced 4 prime ministers of india but also to various
      politicians barring party lines. In return they have got lucrative
      indian defence contracts probably even including defence secrets.
      Also, they have got good civilian deals . there are also chances that
      the erst while U.S.S.R has passed on this secret informations to
      other foreign governments, our enemies, which has resulted in indo-pak
      wars , indo-china wars , etc.
      For the few crumbs thrown away, these politicians have
      put the national security itself for a price & sold it too. Smt.
      Sonia gandhi was on the verge of becoming the prime minister of india
      but for the contentions raised with respect to her citizenship issues.
      Now, she is the defacto prime minister of india as chair person of
      U.P.A co-ordination committee under her all the issue relating to
      national security, economy, trade, food , etc passes by seeking her
      official approval. Now, the india is facing more threat , why cann't
      the honourable chief justice of india initiate a suo motto action in
      this case to safeguard the national security???
      Jai hind. Vande mataram.

      Your's sincerely,


      Outrage as West Bengal police beat Jalangi
      villager to death

      (Hong Kong, September 20, 2005) The Asian Human Rights Commission
      (AHRC) has expressed outrage at news that police in Jalangi, West
      Bengal allegedly beat a villager to death on Sunday.

      The Hong Kong-based regional human rights group said in an urgent
      appeal released on Tuesday that the killing of 35-year-old
      Chheparrudin Mondal was the latest attack by the police on starving
      and impoverished people in parts of Murshidabad district, adjacent to

      The police contingent, including the officer in charge of Jalangi
      police station, Subir Pal, entered Farazipara village on September 18
      and went to Mondal's house to enquire regarding the arrest of Mondal's

      When Mondal could not answer their questions, they began punching and
      kicking him, and hitting with the butts of their rifles and sticks,
      witnesses said.

      The witnesses, including Mondal's wife and children, saw him cough up
      blood and fall to the ground unconscious. They later discovered that
      he was dead.

      "The police and local authorities have acted to cover up the murder
      and obstruct any proper inquiry from taking place," the AHRC said.

      The police refused to accept a complaint from the family on the same
      day, and warned them that if they dared to complain "the same thing
      would happen to them", it said.

      With the intervention of a local human rights group, Manabadhikar
      Suraksha Mancha (Masum), the family was able to lodge a complaint the
      next day, but when police came to the scene of the crime, they did not
      investigate properly but instead again threatened the family that not
      to inform higher authorities or "they would also learn fatal lessons",
      the AHRC said.

      The AHRC added that the corpse was treated like a "bag of rubbish" by
      the police, who failed to take it for postmortem until the day after
      the killing and then left it in a van outside the Jalangi police
      station for some hours.

      It was returned to the family the same evening.

      "As the nearest hospital with postmortem facilities is two hours'
      drive away, how could the body have been taken, a proper postmortem
      conducted, and returned to the family in the same day?" Kirity Roy,
      secretary of Masum, asked.

      "It is quite impossible," he said.

      "All indications are that this is headed for a big cover-up with the
      involvement of the police, local officials and MLA [member of the
      legislative assembly], who arrived on the scene to negotiate some
      money for the family, as one of its members is a village council
      official in his ruling party," Roy said.

      Masum and the AHRC have organized a people's tribunal hearing on
      starvation and government neglect in Jalangi on September 23 and 24,
      which will be attended by eminent Indian jurists and AHRC staff.

      The AHRC has expressed concern that police and local authorities,
      which have been informed of the event, are using arbitrary violence
      and verbal threats in order to spread fear throughout the region and
      stop villagers from participating freely in the hearings.


      Dear Mr. Bhattacharjee

      INDIA: Threats made against local population and volunteers involved
      in people's tribunal

      I write to voice my anger about the threats made against a local
      population and volunteers involved in the people's tribunal hearing on
      starvation and government neglect being held at Bankim Niwas in
      Jalangi, Murshidabad, West Bengal today and tomorrow, which has been
      organized by the Howrah-based Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha
      (Masum) and the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) based in Hong Kong.

      According to the information I have received, despite the tribunal
      having only started this morning (September 23) threats and
      intimidation have already occurred against those wishing to attend and
      those assisting with the functioning of the tribunal in Jalangi. In
      the last two to three days, members of the Communist Party of India
      Marxists (CPIM) in Royerpara Village have publicly critcised the
      tribunal and told local villagers that its existence is a scam. Led by
      Santhosh Roy, the CPIM group, including Johadul Islam, Amjad Ali and
      Abu Bakkarsarkar has threatened local villagers telling them that they
      would be being watched and anyone who attended the tribunal would not
      received government assistance. The group also told the villagers that
      it was the CPIM that was the authority of the area and that the
      villagers should remember this.

      In a further incident, nine volunteers who had gathered in Uttar
      Ghoshpara Village this morning were confronted by a group from the
      CPIM. The volunteers were threatened due to their involvement with the
      tribunal and one of them, Ms. Tia Khatoon was forcibly taken by CPIM
      member, Mr. Johadul Islam and driven back to her family home. There
      she was told not to return to the other volunteers and not to further
      involve herself with the functioning of the tribunal. The other
      volunteers who were threatened were Bikis Haznant, Nuresha Biwi,
      Rabiya Biwi, Kohinoor Biwi, Ranjona Biwi, Pakhin Katoon, Dilrupa
      Katoon and Ranjona Biwi (there were two persons with the name Ranjona
      Biwi). The volunteers were told that if they wanted change in the area
      that they were to approach the CPIM, since it was they who were the
      authority in the area. As a departing warning, the CPIM group told the
      volunteers that neither they nor their families would receive any
      assistance should they continue to work for the tribunal.

      Such threats against persons choosing to participate in or work for
      the people's tribunal in Jalangi are entirely unacceptable and must be
      remedied without delay. I therefore request you, in your capacity as
      the Chief Minister of the Government of West Bengal to immediately
      intervene in this matter. Given that the tribunal will take place only
      today and tomorrow, I trust that you will appreciate the extreme
      urgency in your intervention. I ask you to take immediate measures to
      stop this form of threat and intimidation against those who are
      involved with the tribunal. I also ask you to ensure that disciplinary
      action is taken against those CPIM members who have already made such

      The Government of West Bengal has already failed those people who wish
      their voices to be heard at the tribunal. I ask that you do not fail
      them again by ignoring this matter.

      Dear Mr. Bhattacharjee

      INDIA: Further threats made to the wife of a victim allegedly killed
      by the police

      I write to voice my anger that a woman, whose husband was allegedly
      killed by the police less than one week ago, is now facing threats to
      both her and her children simply for pursuing justice for this crime.
      Ferdousi Biwi, the wife of Chheparuddin Mondal who was allegedly
      beaten to death by police during routine inquiries on 18 September
      2005, has received serious threats by the local leader of the
      Communist Party of India Marxist (CPIM), Mr. Sajidur Rahman who is an
      elected pamjayaph member. Mr. Rahman threatened Ferdousi that she was
      not to make any further statements to the police regarding her
      husband's death and that she was to cooperate with him on this matter.

      Such threats follow previous ones made against Ferdousi and persons
      from her local village by the police in the initial days following her
      husband's death. In the pursuit of justice for her husband, Ferdousi
      is now facing serious consequences herself.
      This situation is entirely unacceptable and must be remedied without
      delay. I request you to use your full authority as the Chief Minister
      of the Government of West Bengal to ensure that such threats are
      stopped and that no further ones are made. Ferdousi must be free to
      pursue justice for her husband's murder without fear of retribution
      for her efforts. Mr. Rahman's alleged threats must be properly
      investigated and if it is found that they did indeed occur, then he
      must be charged and brought before a court of law for his behaviour.

      I trust that your immediate action will be taken into this incident.

      Edited , printed & published by NAGARAJ.M.R. at # EWS 190 HUDCO 3RD
      e-mail : naghrw@... home page :
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