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1Nafsi Afrika Acrobats travel to Italy

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Jul 25, 2007
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      What a wonderful report about your visit to TheNetherlands! This is a
      great success for Nafsi Afrika Acrobats
      http://www.nafsiafriacrobats.org and our Minciu Sodas laboratory. I
      share with our readers in Italy. Perhaps somebody would like to meet
      with you and help you and your friends in Nairobi, Kenya. Thank you to
      Maria Agnese Giraudo for all of your great leadership! You are a "men
      without food"!

      I also invite us all to join Kennedy Owino's new working group
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nafsiafrikasaana/ based on his deepest
      value of "cherished sustainable livelihoods". Send a blank message to
      nafsiafrikasaana-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu
      Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...

      nafsiafricaacro wrote:
      > We brought our first circus tent (In the North of Holland
      > (Gasselte, close to assen) down on Friday, marking the end of the
      > first phase of this years circus for development refugee childrens
      > training camp.
      > To others it may have been an end but to us it was a new begining,
      > the lessons carried with us from the one week's experience was too
      > much to behold-it's true people don't only learn at school, but
      > experience is always the best teacher.
      > Circus for development has a very different and unique approach of
      > empowering children, unlike the way we do it in Nairobi.
      > I see this helping us alot in the training programme we are looking
      > forward to starting at the Nairobi Kamiti prison for juveniles
      > (children).
      > It reminds me of whole day we spent with the children prisoners last
      > month, having fun, perfoming for them and empowering them with
      > testimonies.
      > With a team comprised of experienced circus teachers, school
      > teachers and good organisers who have all had experience working
      > with children.
      > Availability of performance necessities, proper diet, space, and
      > condusive environment all count towards keeping these children
      > focussed.
      > Circus for development organises these camps through state funded
      > proposals with the main purpose of helping these children forget and
      > cope with the harsh realities of their past.
      > The first camp consisted of teachers and children from diverse
      > backgrounds, races, cultures and countries.
      > Most of these youths have passed through painful experiences marked
      > by war, hunger and neglect.
      > There were children drawn from Afghanistan, Turkey, Russia, Armenia,
      > Iraq, China, Congo, Burundi, Somali, and Switzerland.
      > If i were to share with you the chat i had with one of the boys,
      > then it reminds me of how the world's rich and weak should humble in
      > life, and make peace a priority.
      > Karzan has a hole in the back of his head covered by his black, and
      > curly hair.
      > You can only see the hole if he exposes it to you.
      > He has a happy, smiling, welcoming, and positively energised eyes
      > that radiate confidence and happiness but hides alot.
      > He sustained the hole injuries through a bullet that loaded sad
      > memories of the Iraq war in his head and robbed him off his parents.
      > The wound has been giving him constant migraines and trauma.
      > The only family Karzan knows is the small world of people socially
      > embracing him now.
      > Karzan can't speak English or Dutch, but communicates in Iraqish,
      > Arabic, Kurdish and gestures.
      > The hole didn't prevent him from scoring goals.
      > He has been so good in the games we organise and was the man of the
      > day in the finale show exhibited by the children last Thursday night.
      > This is just one story in many.
      > After just one week of training, the children did a performance that
      > left many baffled and thrilled.
      > The circus tent was fully packed, with people who were eager to
      > watch the "Day of encounters" by the refugees.
      > "The day of encounters" was the title of the show, and in true sense
      > of the name, the camp had days of encounters to all participants.
      > Kenya was given given some concern through small donation that was
      > through the sale of cards.
      > In total we raised 148 Euros that are meant to go towards helping
      > Nafsi Afrika acrobats put up a home for the street children.
      > Our short stay has won us adorations from many and the possibilities
      > of the whole Nafsi acrobats and dancers touring Holland in June next
      > year.
      > Also we have initiated an exchange programme that will have Circus
      > for Development extend to Kenya by sending some of their teachers to
      > help in a p[rogram in Nothern Eastern Kenya (Lodwar).
      > We went to Belgium over the weekend, on invitation of a comrade who
      > was perfoming in a festival in West end.
      > The overall experience was hilarious and educative.
      > There after we had a chance practising with professional circus
      > performers in the Famous circus elbow (Amsterdam).
      > This week we have pitched our tents, and camped in the east of
      > Holland (oe pekela).
      > We are training much younger children in a center for the refugees
      > from a number of countries.
      > On the 5th August we travel to Italy, where a number of meetings and
      > performances await us.
      > We were supposed to travel by road because of limitation of funds
      > but Maria yet again chipped in and bought 3 plane tickets for us at
      > the cost of 450 Euros.
      > We are supposed to arrive in Turin on the 6th and i bet flying will
      > save alot in time lag.
      > I have already worked out on the Kibera footages to appropiate
      > format and uploaded it in the u-tube.
      > The next question is how everybody would access it.
      > I also have scenes( video footages) on our works while in Holland
      > that i have captured and hope to have Maria help me make them
      > accessible/viewable by the forum.
      > I will also forward all the rundown of expenses we incurred together
      > with receipts as soon as we are done with this tour.
      > The weekend was so melancholic and nostalgic and i conclude by
      > saying "East or West, Home is best, but home is made of the people
      > you meet and who touch your life with positive, energetic and a
      > social impact.
      > Circus for development has an idea that should be copied and
      > embraced by other world's continents.
      > One love,
      > Ken Owino,
      > Nafsi Afrika arobats,
      > Nairobi, Kenya
      > www.nafsiafriacrobats.org