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Re: Plasma Star Streams

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  • max.thompson
    Not sure what BSRF s current policy & don t really care, the squatter who got ahold of things when I was out of the country has been impossible to deal with
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      Not sure what BSRF's current policy & don't really care, the squatter who got ahold of things when I was out of the country has been impossible to deal with since the 1990's... all my old notebooks, radionic & electro-therapeutic equipment, videos of Eric's Integratron coil, some 16 mm footage we took (I can't remember if this was Integratron or SB), and much, much more are whereabouts unknown... the Nem Wave thing... Outside keeping up on personal interest I pretty much gave up on it all for about 15 years, but now I intend on posting as much of the worthwhile old published material online as time and energy permit at http://borderlandresearch.com ...

      For now here's the God in a Light Bulb note from 1987:


      Eric's latest double phase coil setup took a while and is really not finished, but it has already produced some interesting effects. We have taken both still and motion pictures of the discharges under various conditions but do not yet have the facilities to reproduce on a clear level in this Journal, though several are photocopied here to give an idea of the patterns [note: will post into photo area]. The 16mm movie footage we've shot is being placed onto video, and we would like to thank Trevor Constable for the donation of the 16mm camera. The most interesting effect that I saw didn't make it onto film but I'll never forget it.

      While filming and just generally observing the bulbs and discharges I observed open air discharges of several feet looking like different types of foliage as the frequency and pulse width were changed. The bulbs produced some interesting plasma balls and star streams. These star streams are amazing, I've had to rub my eyes to see if I was really seeing them. One bulb vas producing some promisingly different looking forms and as I watched the movement in the bulb I saw a galaxy take form. It looked like a special effect on an outer space destructo film, but it was really happening. This effect lasted for a fraction of a second and then the bulb violently exploded. When the bulb exploded a huge mass of energy rose like a living Jacobs Ladder between the two extra coils on the apparatus.

      It is interesting that the bulb exploded because I saw an implosion taking place inside. It is my theory, and it is just that â€" a theory, that the ether or orgone, or whatever the subtle substratum of manifestation may be called, is being condensed just as the galaxies condense from the periphery of space towards a center. As the ether condenses, the ambient pressure in the bulb increases. We see the possible manifestation of a demonstrable ether pressure happening as the etheric matter forms an organized pattern. This self organization being viewed in the fields around Eric's research apparatus could be a laboratory model of Reich's Cosmic Superimposition theory!

      Eric has also demonstrated the Tesla one wire broadcast of energy to myself and others and at the February meeting of the Los Angeles Chapter of the U.S. Psychotronics Association Meeting chaired by Bob Beck, National President and Vince Wiberg, Chapter President. Theories without manifestations produce experts and we have far too many of them these days. Real progress comes from real research and Eric is doing it!!

      May-June 1987 Journal of Borderland Research Vol. 43, No 3.

      PS: 2012 note, I'm not sure anymore that galaxies are implosive whirlpool like phenomena, Halton Arp's epochal work indicates that the arms grow out of quasars as they become galaxies. However, my observations were recorded as I experienced them, this is something to further consider... open to comments, criticisms & others' perspectives!

      Will respond to Mike's plasma bulb queries asap.

      Naturall I think we all are looking forward to Eric's comments on any of these matters, after all this is his forum, I just got on here to be of assistance to him out of respect for his formidable insights.


      --- In n6kph@yahoogroups.com, David G Dawson <smokey9s@...> wrote:
      > Hello Tom,
      > Have often wished that I could afford all of the Borderland Journals but
      > the cost of OU research on a limited budget did not allow for that medium.
      > I notice that 'God In A Lightbulb' is featured in Journal of Borderland
      > Research Vol. 43, No 3.
      > What is the current policy of BSRF and is that to release certain
      > documents as an 'open source' policy?
      > Pretty much everything that I cover in research was or has been covered
      > by Borderlands and as I said, where I first started.
      > Thanks.
      > Smokey
      > On 1/02/2012 1:59 PM, kb9ubz wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Tom,
      > >
      > > So good to see you posting all the detailed stories from the good 'ol
      > > days of BSRF (wish I had been there)! Could you please elaborate on
      > > the plasma in the bulbs, in particular the galactic formations, star
      > > streams & what appeared to be marine life you mentioned? I recall you
      > > telling me how the bulbs were all burnt out and according to Eric each
      > > burn out "would put different mixes of ions into the low pressure
      > > gas". I also remember you mentioned that sometimes they would even
      > > explode (although it was rare), generation of actual matter in the
      > > bulbs? True Tesla Technology, amazing stuff! I wish I could have seen
      > > this with my own eyes, especially the counterspace golden ratio
      > > discharge, or implosion as it was found to be.
      > >
      > > Did you ever find your write up "God in a Light Bulb", looking forward
      > > to reading that!
      > >
      > > Thanks for all your posts and help!
      > >
      > > Cheers,
      > > Mike
      > >
      > >
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