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  • >As we know from Doug Anderson's Annotated Hobbit this line has been >changed numerous times over the years to reflect the edition--it has >been glossed over for this one,--the map in no in the chapter but on >the inside covers, which are beautifully rendered but not in the >chapter as stated. Correct. In the UK edition I have, there iis no map as well. > >2) In the Barrels out of...
    Jack Oct 20, 2007
  • >Whether or not you really enjoy the Newford novels depends on whether you like the kind of Bohemian, folk-music-club social set that is his consistent focus. I find I've gotten a little tired of these people over the years, but others may have a different reaction. Errr... Some of the Newford novels really aren't at all about the 'Bohemian, folk-music-club social set', i.e...
    Jack Sep 27, 2007
  • We did an entire edition on Charles de Lint greenmanreview.com/oneoffs/charlesdelint.html
    Jack Sep 27, 2007
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  • >A Lord of the Rings electric train set. What in the WORLD would make a >marketer come up with such a non connected notion? > >Money. So? You don't need to be concerned about it. Just read the books.
    Jack May 13, 2007
  • “All your empirics could never do the like cure upon the gout as the rack in England or your Scotch boots.”—Marston: The Malcontent._ [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    jack@greenmanreview.com Feb 7, 2007
  • Now I'm curious -- why the writer think it was too bloody long? Thanks very much, Joe, and thank also to Carl for his praise. We're very glad to have this published at last in the U.S. (Houghton Mifflin) as well as the U.K. (HarperCollins) and, after some seven years, finally off our plate -- or mostly off our plate. We've begun to field corrections and comments, in one case a...
    jack@greenmanreview.com Dec 31, 2006
  • > Includes link for one of the songs (I didn't like it!). We did an interview with Janne Lappalainen of Värttinä, the group responsible for the muisc http://www.greenmanreview.com/cd/interview_lappalainen.html
    jack@greenmanreview.com Mar 25, 2006
  • > I've tried to reach the Tolkien Society's webpage several times in the last > week, and I keep getting messages saying "This page cannot be > displayed." Does anyone know if the webpage really is down? (Or is it > just my computer?) Does anyone know why or how long it is likely to be > down, if it is? > > Thanks, > --Joe Just went to http://www.tolkiensociety.org/ without any...
    jack@greenmanreview.com Sep 11, 2005
  • > Of minor interest perhaps: there is an article in the Business Section > of today's New York Times about a lawsuit that Peter Jackson has filed > against New Line Cinema for underpayment of revenues generated by FotR. > It does have (presumably reliable) figures on the gross revenue for the > three movies and an amusing quote from someone at New Line who says > Jackson is being...
    jack@greenmanreview.com Jun 27, 2005
  • > I read (and enjoyed) _Paradox in Oz_, so I will look out for this. But > we should also note another long-time member's new Oz book: _The > Emerald Wand of Oz_, by Sherwood Smith, which I think is supposed to be > out this month, though I've not yet seen it anywhere. It's out. The review copy arrrived at Green Man last week.
    jack@greenmanreview.com Jun 15, 2005