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Re: Re: [mythsoc] Digest Number 1324 Aurochs

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    In a message dated 8/5/3 11:13:50 PM, Lizzie Triano wrote:
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      In a message dated 8/5/3 11:13:50 PM, Lizzie Triano wrote:

      <<According to what I came up with Googling Mexican eagle species, for
      example, the Crested Caracara is the bird depicted on the flag, coinage and
      legends. But the bird shown is all brown and other word of mouth sources
      have said Golden Eagle or similar. Still I think I've heard the Caracara
      in some regard.>>

      Correct, the bird depicted on the Mexican flag is definitely *not* a
      caracara, but an eagle, represented according to the conventions a European artist
      would follow when portraying an eagle. The bird actually mentioned in the
      foundation story of Tenochtitlan, however, appears to have been a caracara (more
      likely to be seen in the area, and more likely to be eating a snake). The problem
      is that the Nahuatl word _cuauhtli_, which could really be translated "large
      bird of prey", was glossed as _√°guila_ in Spanish, and resulted in artists
      conceiving of the bird in the story as an "eagle" in European terms.
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