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Re: [mythsoc] Goblet of Fire

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  • Larry Swain
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      ...and I just finished Goblet of Fire. <BR>
      Those who have read Order of the Phoenix have said that Harry is angry<BR>
      and irritable in that novel, as if that's something he's never done<BR>
      before. Harry is plenty angry and irritable in Goblet of Fire, so I am a<BR>
      bit puzzled as to why "Phoenix" readers seem surprised.<BR>
      Also, the reason that Harry stays with the Dursleys (because Dumbledore<BR>
      worked a spell making it difficult to impossible for Voldemort to get<BR>
      him if he's living with relatives) is in Goblet of Fire. Again,<BR>
      "Phoenix" readers seem to be claiming that the explanation of why Harry<BR>
      is with the Dursleys is something that they haven't seen before.<BR>
      It was a pleasant read, but I can wait until "Phoenix" is in paperback<BR>
      to read that (i.e. I don't feel an urgent need to go out and read<BR>
      "Phoenix" right away.)<BR>

      What in the Goblet of Fire on both of these questions is mentioned or makes a brief scene is explored in a deeper way in Phoenix.

      Larry Swain
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