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Re: [mythsoc] Re: An introduction and a question

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  • Margaret Dean
    ... A-ha. Well, there s definitely a scene or two in the HP books (specifically the second) that I wouldn t recommend for an arachnophobe, either. ... That s
    Message 1 of 16 , Jun 30, 2003
      Mary Whelan wrote:
      > Just so you know, I've never been "deeply involved" in occult
      > practises or anything like that. I was raised a Christian. But
      > some of the things I read when I was a preteen (I have always
      > been an avid reader) were about witches and stuff like that. I
      > never wanted to be involved in that stuff. For many years I
      > avoided LOTR. I still don't think I want to read any of the "harry
      > potter" books. Personal choice. I am not basing my opinions on
      > rumors. I have heard Rowling read a passage out of one of the
      > books, and it terrified me, which is one of the reasons I avoid it.
      > In fact, I've not picked up LOTR for a couple weeks now, mostly
      > because I've got a summer reading assignment for school
      > which involves a totally different book, and that I am
      > arachnaphobic and got to the part about Shelob. :p

      A-ha. Well, there's definitely a scene or two in the HP books
      (specifically the second) that I wouldn't recommend for an
      arachnophobe, either.

      > So... I don't know if all of h.p. is as frightening as that one part
      > was that I heard read aloud, but I still don't wish to read it for
      > that reason and other varying reasons (not all having to do with
      > magic).

      That's quite understandable. Not all of HP is scary -- in fact,
      a lot of it is funny; Rowling is good at broad, almost slapstick
      humor -- but there are definitely hair-raising sections in all of
      the books so far, and they get progressively darker. Rowling's
      own position: "If you're going to write about evil, you really
      do have an obligation to show what that means."

      --Margaret Dean
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