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Re: Martin, Blaylock, & LOTR

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  • Diane Conner
    Hi George R. R. Martin wrote a book called, Tuf Voyaging. If you can find it, do so. Has anyone read, James Blaylock s, The Last Coin? Maybe Amazon books
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 1999

      George R. R. Martin wrote a book called, "Tuf Voyaging." If you can find it,
      do so.

      Has anyone read, James Blaylock's, "The Last Coin?" Maybe Amazon books has

      I am now reading LOTR to my seven year old son. It is quite an different
      experience. He likes Smaug, dragon's treasure, and the ring of power.

      D. Conner

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      >From: Matthew Winslow <mwinslow@...>
      >Diane Baker [dianejoy@...] wrote:
      >> I'd be very disappointed if he stretched it that far. I read LOCUS
      >> myself, but GRRM personally said SIX total. Guess we'll have to see.
      >> If it went to 11, I would be very upset indeed; he doesn't need that
      >> much space. Wish I'd remembered the LOCUS reference and asked him about
      >> it.
      >Oh, gosh, Diane, now you've got me wondering if I read it (or remembered
      >it) wrong. Lesee... <Matt gets creative with numbers>
      >Two already published plus the one he just turned in (or is about to),
      >plus four more he contracted, makes seven total. From there, I remembered
      >the seven and the four and put them together, having remembered an ugly
      >number of volumes to be expected.
      >...and I'm not even sure I've remembered *those* numbers correctly. <g>
      >Maybe I'll just take my walker and hobble off into the sunset now....
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