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Re: [mythsoc] My next book...

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    ... I d be happy to review it, Michael.
    Message 1 of 2 , May 22, 2003
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      --- Michael Martinez <michael@...> wrote:
      > Vivisphere is publishing my next book, UNDERSTANDING
      > (probably in November, although they haven't firmly
      > confirmed that
      > yet). They've asked me for a small list of
      > reviewers they can send
      > advance copies to.
      > Would any of you care to offer some suggestions?
      > The book will be a trade paperback, about 500 pages
      > long, better
      > organized than VISUALIZING MIDDLE-EARTH.
      > I have a tentative list with emphasis on
      > Tolkien/fantasy markets, but
      > thought it would be worthwhile asking for input
      > here.
      I'd be happy to review it, Michael.
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