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  • Donander Evre
    Or possibly Main Entry: cal·li·pyg·ian Pronunciation: ka-l&- pi-j(E-)&n Variant(s): or cal·li·py·gous /- pI-g&s/ Function: adjective Etymology: Greek
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 17, 1999
      Or possibly Main Entry: cal�li�pyg�ian
      Pronunciation: "ka-l&-'pi-j(E-)&n
      Variant(s): or cal�li�py�gous /-'pI-g&s/
      Function: adjective
      Etymology: Greek kallipygos, from kalli- + pygE
      Date: circa 1800
      : having shapely buttocks

      > Message: 1
      > Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 09:30:08 EST
      > From: ERATRIANO@...
      > Subject: wierd vocab query
      > Okay, here's one... In a bio or study I read of CSL
      > quite a while back, they
      > mentioned more than once that he liked "---" women,
      > and the word was an
      > unfamiliar one to me, (it has a "y" in it is aobut
      > all I remember) and I
      > looked it up and it meant basically of very ample
      > backsides. ggg. Can
      > someone help me remember the word? It is needed
      > elsewhere. ggg
      > Lizzie

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