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Re: [mythsoc] In defense of B5 poesie (was Trek Theory)

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  • dbratman@stanford.edu
    ... Doesn t sound like the Buffy I ve been watching all these years. The leave a beautiful corpse attitude is self-destructive and nihilistic;
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 28, 2003
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      Quoting "Ernest S. Tomlinson" <thiophene@...>:

      > I can't stand the hepper-than-thou,
      > leave-a-beautiful-corpse attitude that seemed to pervade the show.

      Doesn't sound like the Buffy I've been watching all these years.
      The "leave a beautiful corpse" attitude is self-destructive and
      nihilistic; self-destructive characters on Buffy are always shown as
      deluded. If Buffy herself is fatalistic, it's because she knows she's
      doomed to die young no matter what she does. Her attitude develops
      from "I didn't ask for this: I want out" to "I'm going to fight as hard
      as I can for as long as I can."

      Eowyn's foredoomed despair as she rides to war in LOTR is a lot closer
      to "leave a beautiful corpse" than this is.

      > Shadows and the Vorlons were fascinating...so long as we knew very
      > little
      > about them. When they turned out to be crude stereotypes, straw men
      > for
      > Sheridan and Delenn to knock down, I felt cheated.

      That strikes me as a different phrasing of exactly what I was saying.

      - David Bratman
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