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Re: Giblets

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  • Diane Baker
    ... If you like it here, there s more of same with Butterbur s Woodshed! Mary says she s written you on this, and I m chiming in, hoping you ll give it some
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 6 10:49 AM
      ERATRIANO@... wrote:
      > From: ERATRIANO@...
      > In a message dated 12/05/1999 6:14:04 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      > Stolzi@... writes:
      > << =Sir Gibbie=. >>
      > You Got It! Hey, I like it here.

      If you like it here, there's more of same with Butterbur's Woodshed!
      Mary says she's written you on this, and I'm chiming in, hoping you'll
      give it some thought. We'd love to have you. No pressure, just think
      about it. Let me know when--or if--you're ready to jump in; we'll send
      you a sample 'zine.

      > So, anyone read it?
      Nope. ---djb.
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