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Re: [mythsoc] Rowling - an Inkling??

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  • Ernest Tomlinson
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      > "Has anyone here read the "Left Behind" books?"
      > I think that aside from being terribly fundemental in their approach (has
      anyone seen Jim LaHayne's, i think that is name, television show?), they are
      scary and funny to read. It is like a corporate seminar for Team God.
      Actualization and Old Tyme Religion.

      <guffaw> Not another "old time religion" circa 1970!

      > If you want to be really scared, read "Are We Living in the End Times,"
      It's a non-fiction book by the same writers

      This unhealthy fascination with millennialism and praying that any second
      now Jesus is going to return and sweep us all into the clouds really puzzles
      me. Aren't there people out there quite soberly discussion what to do if
      the Rapture occurs while they're driving or if they're indoors or whatever?
      For some reason I remember Rev. Lovejoy from "The Simpsons", staring
      wild-eyed into the camera and shouting, "IT'S IN REVELATIONS, PEOPLE!" Yet
      part of the joke is that Rev. Lovejoy in other episodes has shown himself
      quite willing to compromise and tread on every other principle and tradition
      of his church if it will keep his congregation from abandoning him

      Screwtape addresses the point quite astutely, I think, although he doesn't
      refer to obsession with the Rapture in particular. He says that one of the
      best ways to lead a man astray is to fix his mind on the Future. The Past
      doesn't do so well because it is unchanging (but it is also largely unknown,
      hence the legions of believers in reincarnation, serene in the belief that
      they were Roman generals or handmaids for Cleopatra or whatever. No
      believer in reincarnation is ever the reincarnation of a czarist Russian
      serf or a Lacedaemonian helot.) The Present is what we _should_ be
      attending to. But the Future, ah, that's a different story, because it is
      largely unreal. Coax a man to the point where he'll tread over everyone in
      his way or ignorant of the most pressing matters pushed under his nose
      because he's set his eyes on the Future, and you've got him. _Facilis
      descensus Averni_. That the Future with which these millennialists are so
      obsessed is in the Bible doesn't make it any less potent a force for
      twisting a man's soul--indeed, if anything, it doubles and trebles its

    • Paul F. Labaki
      Thank you, David, for putting this so aptly. Peace, Paul Labaki From: David S Bratman Reply-To: mythsoc@yahoogroups.com Date: Sat, 01
      Message 31 of 31 , Mar 10, 2003
        Thank you, David, for putting this so aptly.

        Paul Labaki

        From: David S Bratman <dbratman@...>
        Reply-To: mythsoc@yahoogroups.com
        Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2003 09:33:14 -0800
        To: mythsoc@yahoogroups.com
        Subject: Re: [mythsoc] Rowling - an Inkling??

        Lizzie, what do you mean? That writing in the spirit of the Inklings
        should be currently pertinent? Lewis wouldn't think so. He says somewhere
        that nothing goes out of date faster than that which tries hardest to stay
        up to date. (My own phrasing of this, conceived independently, is "Those
        who live by the cutting edge die by the cutting edge.") The Inklings were
        in search of what was eternally up to date, and that is why their 40 to 70
        year old novels are still meaningful and read today. LOTR in particular
        was considered by many to be ludicrously out of step with the current
        concerns of the 1950s, but the Inklings suspected it would wear better than
        many of the more typical cultural artifacts of the era, and they were
        right. Those who admired it when it was new thought it would be a
        masterpiece at any date.

        That spirit is part of what I'm looking for when I'm searching for new
        books in the spirit of the Inklings. I want books that would have been
        just as good if they were published 50 years ago as they are now, because
        those are the ones that will be just as good 50 years from now.

        - David Bratman

        At 07:23 AM 3/1/2003 -0500, Lizzie Triano wrote:

        >I think it is worth discussing. I don't know what my opinion is on the
        >specific Rowling question, but I have long been developing the opinion that
        >the Inkling Spirit today would be perhaps unrecognizable to the Inklings
        >Then. After all, the churches probably are, post-Vatican-II and ordaining
        >women priests, arguing the various sex and social justice issues, and all
        >sorts of such things. There is surrealism and spirituality in the
        >non-churched (which was of course true in the Victorian era), and there
        >needs must be practicality and stuff in the church (which I would imagine
        >there was among veteran Christians such as Tolkien, more than among today's
        >peace-raised peoples). We are not hungry enough, we are too content. What
        >would the Spirit tell stories about today?

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