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  • Ernest Tomlinson
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      [I wrote:]
      > > I was also disappointed how
      > > lame were the Wizard's gifts to Dorothy and her companions in his first
      > > book, e.g. giving the Scarecrow a "bran-new [sic] brain". The movie is
      > > cleverer.
      > Actually, the movie is much simpler. In the book, we see throughout the
      > that, indeed, the scarcrow can reason quite well, the tin woodsman is
      > gentle and loving, and the cowardly lion is quite brave (to save his
      > When they finally get to the wizard, he merely gives them objects which
      > what they already have. He does the same in the movie, but I'm not sure
      why: we
      > don't actually know that these three have these qualities (Obviously, the
      > Scarcrow doesn't know math very well.)

      Well, isosceles triangles aside (an inexcusable lapse that "The Simpsons"
      brilliantly lampooned once...ah, I remember when "The Simpsons" were funny,
      but that was before your time, young whippersnapper), I disagree that the
      movie fails to show us the Scarecrow's intelligence, the Tin Woodsman's
      heart, and the Lion's courage. One of the first things that the Scarecrow
      does is trick the talking trees into giving up some of their apples, and
      later, he devises the plan that gets the three amigos into the Witch's
      castle. The Tin Woodsman is _always_ a sentimental fool, weeping at every
      opportunity. And the Lion, well..."I'll go in there for Dorothy. Wicked
      Witch or no Wicked Witch. Guards or no guards, I'll tear 'em apart. I may
      not come out alive, but I'm goin' in there." (He does then ask his friends
      to talk him out of it, but he goes in anyway.)

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