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electronic books (was Re: [mythsoc] re: not finishing)

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  • Ernest Tomlinson
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      > You'd be surprised what you'd find on Kazaa. Despite what the RIAA would
      have me
      > believe, I have no qualms about downloading pre-typed versions of books I
      > already own.

      I've searched occasionally on Kazaa, which I have installed on my computer
      because I like to download the occasional Led Zeppelin or Creedence tune.
      I've found a few novels I wanted to read, usually old standards like
      Orwell's _1984_ or some of the Golden Age SF books. But the rarer stuff is
      not to be found.

      Sometimes I wish that my whole library were in the form of Palm Reader books
      or something like that, but I still regard electronic books as a makeshift,
      a poor substitute for a real book. I dislike reading large amounts of text
      on the computer screen; it's a little better on a small thing like the PDA,
      or at least would be better if the screen fonts on those things didn't all
      suck. (Why did the original screen fonts on the Apple Macintosh look so
      much better than anything produced before or since? Even Apple has caved
      into the general decay, and now they resort to the same anti-aliased
      TrueType crap that substitutes for well-designed typefaces and only looks
      good if you've got millions of colors on a huge monitor.)


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