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  • Ernest Tomlinson
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      > In fact, the last time I re-read the Lord of the Rings (September 2002), I
      > stopped just as Sam and Frodo left Faramir, and I haven't been back.

      The last time I tried working my way through the LotR from the beginning, I
      set myself the difficult task of trying to introduce Dale to the story by
      reading it out loud to him--this was maybe two years ago. We were
      frequently making long drives to places like Gold Bar or Mt. Baker, which
      gave me the idea of passing the time by reading. But he couldn't follow,
      especially what with the irregular schedule of readings, and I gave up when
      Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli were still in Rohan. I think I might try again
      soon, with the idea that the films (which Dale liked much more than I did)
      have softened him up, so to speak.

      But that was hardly the last time I've picked the books up. I have a bad
      habit, when I feel like reading something at bedtime but don't feel like
      reading anything new, of grabbing a familiar book from the shelf and reading
      some chapter out of the middle of it. The LotR gets picked up most often.


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