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  • Michael Martinez <michael@xenite.org>
    Many of you know that Xenite.Org s network went down at the end of January. We restored part of the network in mid-February but email services have been a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2003
      Many of you know that Xenite.Org's network went down at the end of
      January. We restored part of the network in mid-February but email
      services have been a lower priority. My address is working again and
      I've almost caught up on old email.

      We've also redesigned the Lord of the Rings movie news site. We had
      to drop the headlines from Moreover.com and they have now been
      replaced by headlines from WaroftheRing.Net. We now carry, in
      addition to our own original articles, news headlines from three
      other Tolkien sites: TheOneRing.Net, Tolkien Online, and


      The forums at SF-FANDOM have also been restored, but regrettably we
      lost the database with all registrations and past discussions. We
      had to start over from scratch. The forums were not recreated in the
      same order as before, so old bookmarks probably will not work. The
      root page for the forums is located at:


      If any of you are subscribed to the Middle-earth mailing list and
      you've been wondering why you never see your messages, well, we're
      wondering, too. I finally moved the list to kandi.org. So, to
      subscribe/unsubscribe, just send the usual requests to
      majordomo@.... The mailing list address is now officially

      My most recent article for Suite101 was "Love in the Trees", posted
      on January 31. It's located at:


      At this time, I don't believe I'll be writing any more articles for
      Suite101. I have not yet decided whether I'll continue the monthly
      column on another site.

      I will also be appearing as a guest at the upcoming Galacticon in
      Chattanooga this March 22. The convention is being held March 21 -
      23. Guest of Honor is the delightful Ms. Pauline Griffin, author of
      the STAR COMMANDOS series and co-author with Andre Norton of some of
      the TIME TRADER and SOLAR QUEEN books. She has also contributed to
      Andre's Witch World series.

      Musical guests are the Celtic folk music group Emerald Rose, whom I
      believe will also be performing at TheOneRing.Net's Oscar party
      (don't hold me to that -- I've been out of the loop for weeks).

      Full information regarding the convention may be found at:


      Memberships are available at the door.

      200,000 downloads by the end of January. I don't yet have statistics
      for February. We published the eBook on January 5, 2002 and were
      only hoping (originally) for 50,000 downloads or so in the first
      year. So, thanks to everyone who helped to make PARMA ENDORION a
      huge success!

      Finally, I have a new book coming out later this year (possibly in
      August). It's called UNDERSTANDING MIDDLE-EARTH and will be
      published by Vivisphere. It runs to about 500 pages and is better
      organized than VISUALIZING MIDDLE-EARTH. UME is, however, the long-
      awaited sequel to VME that many people have requested. It includes
      new material, including a previously unpublished essay, "How the
      Elves have changed".

      I'll pass along more precise information when I have it.
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