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Re: Mythic art?

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  • Jef Murray <jef_murray@yahoo.com>
    Lizzie, What a great load of info and pointers! See comments, below... ... include ... websites of ... Thanks! ... Have done coelacanths, and plenty of
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 3, 2003

      What a great load of info and pointers! See comments,

      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Elizabeth Apgar Triano"
      <lizziewriter@e...> wrote:
      > Jef said:
      > You can see some of my work at www.marshnest.com. This doesn't
      > much of my explicitly mythopoeic
      > work, but it demonstrates my style. Would love pointers the
      websites of
      > others who are also actively
      > either creating mythic images or are writing mythic stories.... >>
      > I like your humpback whale.


      > Have you done any coelacanths? snapping
      > turtles? Wolverines? Mudpuppies?

      Have done coelacanths, and plenty of turtles, although
      none that snap. Haven't done wolverines, but _have_ done
      badgers. No mudpuppies, but plenty of frogs. In general, I
      guess I've done more fish and birds than anything else,
      plus I have loads of insect paintings from a few years back...
      mostly scarab beetles, as one might expect ;->

      > There is Joanna Powell Colbert at www.jpc-artworks.com. She has
      > interesting things. I like her Lugh.

      She's OK, but a little too literal for my tastes. I like for an
      artist to suggest and to at least attempt subtlety.

      > Susan Seddon Boulet, although gone from this earth, continues to
      > many besides me. You can find her books on amazon.com and other
      places. I
      > bet if you google her name you'll find a few images, and choose
      > site is best for your connection (I have a pokey dialup).

      Susan's work is closer to my tastes. She leaves much to the
      reader, suggesting much in the way of atmosphere and leaving
      interpretation more open.

      > Actually I have a few pagan artworks sites. I haven't checked them
      > out, but I suspect that many have Arthurian bits in them, some may
      > elves and other Tolclone stuff, but there will also be a good bit
      of witchy
      > type stuff.
      > www.poppypalin.net
      > http://www.homestead.com/ethereal_art/index.html
      > OK I do'nt have as many as I used to. You can find artist websites
      > listed in the artist blurb in Dancing Dragon catalog, as well as
      among the
      > ads in the pagan magazines (SageWoman and PanGaia for example, on
      this side
      > of the pond, and, uhm, I forget the titles of hte ones I picked up
      in the
      > UK).
      > There are also quite a few places reviving the art of icon-
      creation. You
      > know, those spooky Byzantine things. I get regular mailings from a
      > in Vermont but of course I can't remember its name at the moment.
      > anyone is interested I will find one of my icon cards and look them
      > though. Both traditional and contemporary images are being made
      > so whichever flavor you prefer there is probably something you like
      > there.

      I actually admire iconography tremendously when it's done well. Is
      something I might like to try to tackle one day, myself. I
      particularly like the fact that in the Orthodox faith, icons are
      believed to be _literal_ windows into heaven, and thus facilitate
      prayer and reflection. This "cusp" between worlds has always
      fascinated me.

      > And here is a quiz ... hwich Mythological creature would YOU be? I
      > depending on mood, come up as Pegasus, a dryad, and a Dragon. I
      want to be
      > a Succubus but I guess I'm not mean enough. lol
      > http://mysite.freeserve.com/Intereo_Liberi/test3.htm
      > Lizzie Triano
      > lizziewriter@e...
      > amor vincit omnia

      Well, I come out as either a dragon or a gorgon, depending on how
      I answer the final question. Don't know how I'd feel about _being_ a
      dragon, but I know I love drawing the beasties. Have quite a few of
      them around the house, glaring down at me from doorframes and
      windowsills. Will have to put some of these up on my website at some

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