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Re: [mythsoc] The Two Towers, NOT

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  • Elizabeth Apgar Triano
    ongoing argument:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2003
      ongoing argument:

      <<... I remember being *horrified* the first time I saw the movie and they
      said "it was all a dream". I was also horrified at Judy's age, the stupid
      lion, and everything else they had cut from the book.

      << Roger Ebert lists _The Wizard of Oz_ among his "Great Movies", and
      defends the casting of Judy Garland, saying that a child
      actress--especially, if I may interject, at a time when serious child
      roles, qq.v. _Night of the Hunter_ and _To Kill a Mockingbird_ among
      others, were still some years away--would not have had the depth needed for
      the role of Dorothy.>>

      Oh, what, we have a problem that the actress' age has nothing to do with
      the character's age? But that is to be expected. Think of "Grease."
      THink of "Dirty Dancing." Or don't, as you may prefer. This is Hollywood,
      after all. I guess little Drew Barrymores don't happen every day. Now
      There is a girl that even a non-movie fan like myself can really like. wow.

      I guess I have to add the Oz books to my reread list (not too soon, thanks)
      because of course I read them when I was young and in equal measure
      omnivorous and oblivious. Or maybe I wouldn't be able to stand them.

      As for movies and TV, I don't like cutesy, although I have a weakness for
      Sailor Moon (fighting weevils by moonlight and all that...). I like the
      cartoon Gargoyles, although I think Elise (or whatever her name is) is so
      hopeless. Move over, girlie, and I'll show you how to relate to that

      Lizzie Triano
      amor vincit omnia
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