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  • Ernest Tomlinson
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      > There's the problem. Most -- well many -- women (I don't want to speak for
      all womankind) are more discriminate than the Hollywood cliche, DON'T think
      with their loins first, and actually have a range of emotional responses to
      sex. Which Kay doesn't convince me he understands. I think what we're seeing
      is the way he'd like women to be.

      The scene that really creeped me out, especially in retrospect, was where
      Dianora pacifies her overwrought brother by taking him to bed and having sex
      with him. I mean, what the &@#$! Considering that later in the story she,
      having sworn vengeance on Brandin, settles comfortably with only the
      occasional twinge of regret into life as his concubine, I wonder just what
      was going through Kay's head when he created the character of Dianora.

      > For clarification the sex scenes in Fionavar aren't graphic, but are
      frequent. So I probably overstated the Harlequin properties. They don't
      titillate me though.

      I've never read any Harlequin romances (I did borrow one from an
      acquaintance once, just for the heck of it, but returned it unread), so I
      don't know how graphic they get. Many years ago, though, I attended a
      lecture given by a writer who had occasionally been compelled to write such
      romances "from hunger", and she gave us a hilarious list of some of the
      standard euphemisms for sexual anatomy, especially for the _membrum virile_.
      (Kay takes the cake for using the word "tumescence", though.)

      Two of the sex scenes in _Tigana_ are fairly graphic, and one of them, a
      good two pages as I remember, dabbles in a bit of desultory S&M, in which
      the young man, as is _de rigueur_ in this sort of thing, discovers that he
      likes to be tied up.


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