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Re: Digest Number 21

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  • Diane Baker
    ... Thanks for the listings. ---djb.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 25, 1999
      Joe Christopher wrote:
      > From: Joe Christopher <jchristopher@...>
      > > Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 12:40:45 -0800
      > > From: Diane Baker <dianejoy@...>
      > >Subject: Re: Digest Number 19
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      > >Joe Christopher wrote:
      > >>
      > >> From: Joe Christopher <jchristopher@...>
      > >>
      > >> Is anyone reading Sharon McCrumb's "ballad series" of (sold-as) mysteries?
      > >> (They probably should be called her Appalachian series.) I just finished
      > >> reading I think the fourth of them: _The Rosewood Casket_ (1996). It has
      > >> the ghost of a child, a woman with second sight, and--oddest of all--a woman
      > >> with a guardian angel who gives her moral advice in sometimes vulgar
      > >> language. Typical of McCrumb's complexity, the latter woman starts out as
      > >> something of a joke (in the presentation) and develops into one of the saner
      > >> characters. I found the book very enjoyable.
      > >>
      > >> --Joe
      > >>
      > >Haven't read any of Sharon McCrumb, but she sure sounds interesting.
      > >--djb.
      > She's best known in SF circles for her version of a fan convention, _Bimbos
      > of the Death Star_--the title (inside her novel) is of a SF novel by one
      > character (and authorial attendee of the convention), his novel being a hard
      > SF novel given a sensational title by the publisher. (The person murdered
      > in that mystery is another author--a combination of John Norman and Harlan
      > Ellison, I judge.) She followed that novel up with another in the series
      > about the SF author and his lover. Her main series for her financial
      > support is another, which I've seen her refer to as "Jane Austen with
      > attitude" (but I think they could be called humorous cozies equally
      > well)--mysteries, modern in setting, with Elizabeth MacPherson as
      > protagonist. I gather from the comments about her that the "Ballad Series"
      > (above) are her serious work--although in the Jay Omega series (_Bimbos_ and
      > _Zombies of the Gene Pool_), the second--badly mistitled by the
      > publisher--is far more serious than the first. I've read only four of her
      > books: _Bimbos_, _Zombies_, _Missing Susan_ (in the MacPherson series), and
      > _The Rosewood Casket_. _The Rosewood Casket_ can hardly be called a
      > mystery, although there are two people shot late in the book, one of them
      > being killed. And it is the Ballad Series I will follow up on. I'll try to
      > give a list of that series' titles one of these days here.
      > --Joe

      Thanks for the listings. ---djb.
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