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Re: [mythsoc] Scouring and various other bits about the movies

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  • Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
    It is interesting that Babylon 5 had a large number of problems because so many people defined the show as the Shadow War. After the First Ones went away, some
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      It is interesting that Babylon 5 had a large number of problems because
      so many people defined the show as the Shadow War. After the First Ones
      went away, some viewers did too, deciding that there was nothing more to
      tell. The show continued for most of two seasons after The War. Then JMS
      ended the Earth War at the end of season 4 and another group of fans
      left. Many that stayed for the 5th season complained constantly about
      there being no Big War. Joe kept saying "Sometimes what happens after
      the wars is more interesting than the wars." But many fans did not buy
      it and left. "The Wars Were Over, what more is there to tell?" they kept
      asking. Never mind the fact that there was still the Telepath problem
      and various bad guys still wandering about (doing a Shire thing on
      Centauri Prime and leaving a Plague on the Earth (well, that was
      actually in Crusade, but it was the same bad guys)).

      Joe had tons of stories still to tell in the B5 universe. And they
      weren't all the Shadow War.

      So, yes, I do understand that there will be a ton of people who really
      wouldn't understand the Scouring of the Shire. I only understood B5
      because I had read the Scouring of the Shire and understood the after
      war experiences can sometimes mean as much as the war. But let me clue
      you, we are rare birds. Most people come for the war story then leave,
      figuring the story is done. *sigh*

      And Jackson has to deal with that crowd. Would they sit through the half
      hour of after war experience? My experiences say No Way. War's over,
      Ring is destroyed, let's go home.

      By the by, Jackson filmed the Prologue to FotR, deleted it, then New
      Line had him put it back in and cut somewhere else. They felt the Hobbit
      beginning was too soft and didn't telegraph the meaning of the Ring well
      enough. People needed it explained to them according to NL.

      They also wanted a recap of the first movie at the start of the Second.
      Jackson said only if you let the movie run long, since he wasn't making
      any more cuts to the story. He also reminded them that the first movie
      would be readily available for purchase before (or after) someone saw
      the second movie. They wisely decided against the recap.

      I'm waiting for the 9 + hour butt numbing marathon myself. :-)

      Mythically yours,

      PS My most recent experience at Audience short attention span - There is
      a cookie (a goodie) at the end of the credits for HP and the Chamber of
      Secrets. Most people leave as soon as the movie ends and don't sit
      through the credits. If you haven't done so already, I suggest you do so
      the next time you see the movie (fast forward through the credits when
      you get the dvd if you find them boring - Five Special Effects Houses do
      make them interminable), it is worth it.

      spark654@... wrote:

      >Jackson's logic for dumping the scouring at the end is the same as his saving
      >Shelob for ROTK. After the climactic actions and the destruction of the
      >ring, it's too much for an audience to start building up all over again.
      >This is entirely understandable according to current screenwriting patterns.
      >Scripts are so formulaic, with the various books about screenwriting
      >detailing the "beats" a script has to hit.
      >I think the scouring could be included--even if briefly--but perhaps then
      >Jackson would leave out material from earlier parts of the book. Some things
      >have to give.
      >I don't think Jackson's going with a "happily ever after" ending, though. I
      >think it will be serious but not downbeat.
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