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RE: [mythsoc] The Two Towers, the movie

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  • Croft, Janet B
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      Subject: [mythsoc] The Two Towers, the movie

      But 6) I HATED the cheap, demeaning jokes at Gimli's expense. If he were
      really here with his axe... he'd show 'em.

      .............Yeah, he'd bite their kneecaps...oops, wait, that's Pratchett.
      What IS this Australian/ New Zealand thing with dwarf tossing, anyway? I've
      never understood it. Anyone here know?

      7) and why the layers and layers of creepy gray makeup & bugging eyes on
      Grima Wormtongue? he looked almost like a humanized Gollum. Surely he
      should seem an ordinary sort of guy, a little too "slick," and physically
      perhaps more slender than the average among Rohirrim. OK, here's Tolkien:
      "wizened... a pale wise face and heavy-lidded eyes."

      ................One non-canonical thing I did -kind- of like was giving
      Wormtongue some of Gandalf's lines from in the Houses of Healing and having
      him speak them directly to Eowyn. It reminded me very much of the seduction
      scene by the bier in Richard III, and seemed to give a bit more depth to
      both characters. But I'm not sure what it does to the story in the long
      run. Would it be better for Wormtongue's motivations to come as a surprise
      to the audience, revealed when Gandalf speaks to Eomer, or is it okay in
      this instance to show something in advance that is hidden at this point in
      the book? I think it works, but I won't know for sure till I see part 3.

      In general, I hated TTT less than I expected to - probably because I was
      in advance of its departures and deficiencies.


      Shirley says

      > "Though perhaps not exactly Tolkien's story, the film will satisfy most
      > Tolkien fans"

      I dooooon't thiiiiiink so....

      ..................Me eeeeeeeitheeeer...

      Diamond Proudbrook

      ...............Janet Croft (wading merrily through 2 weeks of email

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