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  • Croft, Janet B
    Sparkdog, you really need to read the books! I think you will get more of a sense of the war happening on numerous fronts if you do so, and especially if
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 6, 2003
      Sparkdog, you really need to read the books! I think you will get more of a
      sense of "the war happening on numerous fronts" if you do so, and especially
      if you read the appendixes and find out about a few things which were going
      on but didn't make it into Tolkien's main text. If you can't stand anything
      else, at least read the chronology in Appendix B to find out the bare facts
      of what was happening when and where.

      The Huorns, trees that were almost Ent-like, were sent to Helm's Deep with a
      few Ents to herd them. The bulk of the Ents were at Isengard. These battles
      were taking place at almost the same time. While I am not a big fan of the
      movies, I found many of the visuals in the battle of Isengard effective --
      though showing the battle at this point, rather than in a flashback later as
      Merry and Pippin narrate it to Theoden and company when they come to
      Isengard, reduces the suspense.

      Janet Croft

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      > >Pippin doesn't merely throw a rock
      > >into a well in Moria, but a whole suit of armor (and part of the well,
      > >too);
      > It takes an aching 34 seconds for the sound to stop echoing; but it's only

      > 16 seconds after that (a whole ten pages in the book) until the first
      > "Doom" sounds come rumbling.

      When we start using a stop watch to show what's wrong with the film, it's
      getting verrrrry nit-picky. In a book you can say "They walked through the
      mines and emerged a few days later," or whatever, but come on--let's have a

      Someone tells me (she may have a faulty memory) that in the book, the Ents
      attack the invading forces at Helm's Deep. If this s so, how do you all
      about the Ents instead attacking Isengard?

      I like it the way it is in the film, as it makes the war seem to be
      on numerous fronts. Plus I like how the Helm's Deep situation was resolved


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