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Re: Butterbur's Woodshed

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  • Eleanor Farrell
    ... Dear Cat, Thanks for your inquiry! _Butterbur s Woodshed_ is what is known as an apa , or a discussion group by mail. We publish every other month, and
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 12, 1999
      >Can you tell me more 'bout Butterbur's Woodshed? (I know what APAs are like
      >_I was in several years ago.) Would it be possible to see an issue? If so,
      >my mailing address is 82 Rackleff Street, Portland ME 04103. Thanks!

      Dear Cat,

      Thanks for your inquiry! _Butterbur's Woodshed_ is what is known as an
      "apa", or a discussion group by mail. We publish every other month, and
      have set topics for each issue. (The upcoming topics are listed on our web
      page; they include Vera Chapman's _The Notorious Abbess_, the upcoming list
      of Mythopoeic Fantasy Award nominees for 1999, and a general topic issue on
      fairy tales.) Each participant writes up something on the topic (and/or
      comments on items from previous issues, information on new books or other
      items of interest to members, etc.) and sends 24 copies (that's the current
      copy count) to me, the editor, who collates and mails the issues. Each
      member also sends me some money ($10 is a good amount to start) to put in
      their postage account, to pay for postage for issues mailed. Everyone is
      asked to contribute to every other issue, or to three issues per year, to
      remain an active member.

      If you would like to obtain a recent sample issue, send me $2 for postage
      and I'll mail one to you. The submissions are not formal book reviews, but
      more like an informal discussion of the book or books chosen as the topic.
      Sometimes people later work these into essays and put them up on their web
      pages, or rework them into reviews which can be published in _Mythprint_,
      the Society's monthly newsletter.

      We focus on "newer" fantasy literature, in support of the Mythopoeic
      Society's annual fantasy award for new fiction. The three books chosen for
      topics for November through March are all 1998 publications which will be
      eligible for next year's award. This gives us a chance to read some new
      books while considering nominating books for the award. Many (but not all)
      of the members of BW are also on the awards committee. (Anyone in the
      Mythopoeic Society can join the awards committees' and/or nominate books
      for the awards. Info on these is included on the web page.)

      I hope that has answered some of your questions. Please feel free to
      e-mail me with any other specific queries. Thanks for your interest -- I
      hope you will be able to join our group!

      Eleanor Farrell
      Editor, _Butterbur's Woodshed_

      Eleanor M. Farrell
      P.O. Box 320486
      San Francisco, CA 94132-0486
      E-mail: emfarrell@...

      Editor, Mythprint (Mythopoeic Society newsletter)
      Mythopoeic Society web site: http://www.mythsoc.org
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