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Russia rejects HARRY POTTER BAN

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  • Joan Marie Verba
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2002
      > Russia rejects HARRY POTTER BAN
      > Russian school pupils will continue to be able to read about Harry
      > Potter's adventures, after an attempt to have the books banned was
      > rejected. A Slavic cultural organisation had alleged that the stories
      > about magic and wizard could draw students into Satanism. But on
      > Tuesday the prosecutor's office in Moscow, which had investigated the
      > claim, said that it would not be taking forward the allegations.
      > A spokesperson for the prosecutor's office said that it had considered
      > a claim that the Harry Potter stories instilled "religious extremism
      > and prompted students to join religious organisations of Satanist
      > followers". But that "the probe revealed that there were no grounds
      > for a criminal case". JK Rowling's novels have become popular in
      > Russia, as they have in many countries around the world.
      > The books, best-sellers in the United Kingdom and the United States,
      > have already faced claims that they could trigger an interest in the
      > occult. In 2000, a primary head teacher in Kent banned the books from
      > her Church of England school because of the representation of wizards
      > and magic. And in 2001, a teachers' union leader, Peter Smith, warned
      > parents that the books could prompt "dabbling" in the occult.
      > "There is a darker side to the occult which may disturb vulnerable
      > children and expose them to manipulation by adults," said Mr Smith,
      > general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers. But
      > the author, JK Rowling, has always argued that stories have a clear
      > moral message.
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