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Fall issue of Phantastes online

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  • Staci Dumoski
    Greetings! I m pleased to announce that the fall issue of Phantastes is now online at http://www.phantastes.com. The theme of this quarter s issue is Making
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 22, 1999

      I'm pleased to announce that the fall issue of Phantastes is now online at

      The theme of this quarter's issue is "Making Magic" and it features a
      series of articles of the use of magic in fantasy fiction. Without a
      doubt, magic is the most necessary requirement of a fantasy tale, but how
      do we create believable magic systems that carry the required sense of
      wonder? Read about how fantasy masters such as Tolkien, Eddings and Le
      Guin have managed it, and explore some ideas for ways you can do it

      Elsewhere, Moira Allen talks with Rosemary Edghill ("The Twelve
      Treasures", _The Shadow of Albion_) about going beyond the stereotypes
      when creating fantasy races, and Australian author Sophie Masson ("The Lay
      Lines Trilogy", _Carabas_) discusses the joys and pitfalls of writing
      historical fantasy. You'll also find our usual array of book and media

      This is our biggest issue yet, folks, and we're only growing stronger!

      Be sure to check out the new "Forums at Phantastes" where you can leave
      your comments about the current issue, make suggestions, and ask questions
      of the editors. Looking for a writing group or someone to critique your
      manuscript? Post your requests in the "Writing Assistance" area. Talk
      with other professionals about the the genre, and share your favorite
      books and authors in the "Fantasy" area. It's easy to participate, so
      come join in the fun!

      The "Books at Phantastes" store continues to grow as well. We're adding
      new authors and features all the time, so be sure to check back
      frequently. Starting in October, we'll be sending out a free monthly
      newsletter highlighting not just new releases, but also some old favorites
      that deserve revisiting. Subscribe by October 1st for your chance to win
      a copy of _The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror_ anthology (Windling and
      Datlow, eds.). Don't forget -- every book you buy through Books at
      Phantastes supports the journal and associated projects (see more below!).

      Speaking of supporting Phantastes, it's never too soon to think about
      placing an ad in the next issue. Our rates are cheap, and the exposure
      good. If you've got a new book out, or you want to attract fantasy fans
      to your site, consider placing an ad with us.

      If you're interested in writing for Phantastes, be sure to check out our
      Submission Guidelines. Our payment rates have changed...for the better!

      Finally, just to let you know what's in store in the future, the themes of
      the next two issues of Phantastes are "Myth and Fantasy" and "Villains and
      the Prolem of Evil". You can find more information on these themes on the
      Submissions page.

      We're also in the early development stages of a new, sister publication:
      all fantasy fiction. It seems quality markets have been disappearing of
      late, so we're ready to step into the gap. It's too early for many
      details (and don't even think of sending submissions yet!), but I will
      tell you that the payment rate will be a minimum of $.03 a word, and it
      will feature only top-of-line, quality fantasy stories. Future
      announcements will be made in the "Announcements" section of the Forums at
      Phantastes. Stay Tuned!

      Staci Ann Dumoski Phantastes
      Editor and Publisher "The Fantasy Writer's Guide"
      editor@... http://www.phantastes.com/

      Fall 1999 Issue Now Online!
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