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Re: [mythsoc] Harry Potter films-- boring?

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  • David S. Bratman
    ... That s why I was so thoroughly uninvolved by the first Indiana Jones movie. Boring wasn t the word for that one: enervating was the word I used. If
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 18, 2002
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      At 08:07 AM 11/18/2002 , Meredith wrote:

      >I, too found the film of HP1 suprisingly boring. But
      >I'm not sure if it is because it dragged or for
      >another reason. I have wondered if it is boring
      >because there is so little down time. A plot that
      >maintains the attention of the audience well has peaks
      >and valleys of excitement, so to speak. It builds in
      >intensity, then lets you down part way for a slight
      >rest before building to another peak of excitement.
      >This pattern of dips and peaks that keep getting
      >higher works very well, but the film of HP1 is not at
      >all like this in plot structure. For the most part it
      >maintains a high level of excitement the whole way
      >through. There is only one break, when the change of
      >seasons is shown, and I found myself strangely
      >delighted-- almost relieved-- by it.

      That's why I was so thoroughly uninvolved by the first Indiana Jones movie.
      "Boring" wasn't the word for that one: "enervating" was the word I used.

      If what you say about dips and peaks is true - and I think it is - I wonder
      why it didn't seem to apply to the first Harry Potter book. It had no dips
      and peaks any more than the film did, and hurled forward at a blinding pace
      - yet it was exhilerating rather than boring or enervating, at least I
      found it so.

      >I think what happened is that all of the moments which
      >should have been down time were filled with highly
      >stimulating world-building scenes, with Rowling's
      >world admittedly magnificently brought to life.

      Magnificent? For a limited meaning of the word, yes. It looked like the
      Hogwarts theme park. Except - interestingly - for those scenes filmed
      directly in genuine medieval buildings without the addition of special effects.

      >Does the film of HP2 do this? I haven't seen it yet--
      >I'll probably wait to rent it, and use my money to see
      >The Two Towers twice.

      Most of the reviews I've seen suggest that HP2 looks better than HP1, but
      that as a film it's even more rushed and less good. But then I thought the
      book less good than its predecessor, too.

      - David Bratman
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