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  • Croft, Janet B
    An interesting venue for any collectors of Tolkieniana or Lewisiana or even Williamsiana on our list... Janet Call for Papers, Panels, Presentations on:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2002
      An interesting venue for any collectors of Tolkieniana or Lewisiana or even
      Williamsiana on our list...


      Call for Papers, Panels, Presentations on:
      Collecting, Collectibles, Collectors, Collections


      February 12-15, 2003
      Albuquerque, New Mexico

      We seek proposals for individual presentations and for entire panels about
      collecting, collectibles, collections, collectors and those whose artifacts
      are collected, for the SW-TPCA/ACA's annual conference for Popular/American
      Culture scholars and aficionados. We encourage presentations from any of
      the many Gender Studies perspectives, the many Ethnic Studies perspectives,
      the many LGBT perspectives, and the many Popular Culture/Cultural Studies
      perspectives, including theoretical considerations and Material Culture
      Studies. We seek presentations/panels from collectors, from creators of
      collectible art/artifacts, and from and about those who mediate between
      those who collect and those who create or offer collectibles (such mediators
      as gallery owners, traders, agents).

      This will be the third year that the collectors and collecting area of
      interest will be represented at this conference. Last year we had six
      panels of three presentations each. The two previous meetings have resulted
      in an expanding network of diverse people sharing mutual interests. We hope
      to continue to grow. Please join us.

      Some areas of consideration include, but are not limited to:

      1. Your personal collection;
      2. The history of collecting;
      3. The impulse to collect;
      4. Various attitudes towards collecting various artifacts in various
      ethnic, faith, class, educational, racial, social, generational or
      regional communities;
      5. Collecting and political correctness;
      6. Private collections as passion, as social climbing activity, as
      investments, as
      inflation hedges;
      7. The business of collecting - buying and selling, mediating value - the
      dealer, the
      picker, the agent;
      8. The impact of the Internet (including eBay and like sites) on
      9. Relationships between collectors and curators;
      10. Private collections as the basis for public museums;
      11. Representations of collectors in popular fiction, film, theater;
      12. Collecting as therapy/Collecting as neurosis;
      13. Collecting as community activity;
      14. Collecting as scholarship;
      15. Collectors' organizations (car clubs, stamp clubs, costume jewelry
      groups, etc.), their functions, their controversies (for instance,
      conflicts between display and use, such as total restoration to showroom
      condition vs. repair and daily use for classic cars);
      16. Do women and men, people with different levels of education, people
      different class and ethnic origins collect different "stuff"?
      17. The impact of collectors on "folk" or "ethnic" artists/makers - changes
      in style or palette, changes in gender roles, etc.;
      18. What is an "authentic" collectible?
      19. My junk/your treasure,my treasure/your junk.

      These are just ideas that come to mind from our previous experience and from
      questions yet unexplored by meeting panels; there are many other appropriate
      topics and viewpoints as well.

      For questions about the 2003 meeting - place (The Albuquerque Hilton), fees,
      accomodation and travel information - please go to the 2003 Meeting page of
      the organization's website (www2.h-net.msu.edu/~swpca).

      Please send your proposals (presentation time is about 20 minutes, leaving
      time for lively discussion following three presentations per panel) to me,
      Area Chair for Collectors and Collecting, at the following address:

      Alison Franks
      4000 Aspen Avenue NE
      Albuquerque NM 87110
      e-mail: Calwoodrat@...

      I would much appreciate your sharing of this CFP with your colleagues and

      With thanks,

      Alison Franks
      Area Chair, Collectors and Collecting
      Southwest-Texas Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association
      Annual Meeting 2003

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