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Suite101 article for November 11, 2002

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  • Michael Martinez
    Yes, the delays are getting longer and longer. I m not sure how I ll catch up to the monthly schedule again. Celeborn Unplugged Every now and then, someone
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2002
      Yes, the delays are getting longer and longer. I'm not sure how I'll
      catch up to the monthly schedule again.

      Celeborn Unplugged

      Every now and then, someone asks me to speak up for Celeborn. He is,
      perhaps, the most maligned and misunderstood of Tolkien's characters.
      Many people consider the silver-haired Lord of Lorien to be oafish or
      even foolish. Why? Basically because of one sentence uttered by

      And now the sabers of rationalization begin to rattle in their
      sheathes. "Oh, but he doesn't actually do anything in the book!" his
      detractors say. Like, Galadriel gets off her royal duff and does
      something? Sorry. That Warg won't howl. Neither character
      accomplishes much in the story. They both accomplish a great deal in
      the background: Galadriel helps Gandalf and Celeborn helps overthrow
      Dol Guldur's forces. Together, they lead the Elves of Lorien.

      The chief complaint people seem to raise against Galadriel is to ask
      what she is doing with such a loser like Celeborn. Frankly, in my
      book, anyone who can marry a Galadriel is a winner, but that's just
      my opinion. Call it an interpretation of the text. Say I'm reading
      something into the text which isn't there. It's not like no one else
      has ever done that.

      The real problem with Celeborn is that Tolkien never made up his mind
      about the guy. For example, Tolkien called him "Celeborn the Wise".
      And people have asked "Why"? Robert Foster's only comment on the
      subject in The Complete Guide to Middle-earth is to say that Celeborn
      does not seem especially bright in The Lord of the Rings. Well, who
      does? Is someone going to argue that Samwise Gamgee (whose first name
      means "half-wit") is a paragon of intellectual development? Or how
      about Gimli, Dwarf-philosopher that he is, extolling the virtues of

      The smartest character in the Fellowship, Gandalf, can't even figure
      out that Saruman has betrayed him. When was the last time Celeborn
      was captured by agents of the Enemy? Okay, maybe that's not fair to
      Gandalf. After all, someone has to be captured, and he is a
      convenient prisoner-type. He's all shifty-eyed and secretive -- it's
      a wonder Saruman didn't lock him up a thousand years earlier.

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