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Re: [mythsoc] Fwd: Re: Tolkien reading

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  • Joshua Kronengold
    ... Oh, wow! ... May he rest in peace. I didn t know you d known Mike. (who, among his filking endevours, did Borimir s Song to music). ... Not in recent
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 10 8:03 PM
      Pauline J. Alama writes:
      >I not only know of a marathon Tolkien reading, but I was a happy
      >participant! In 1983, the Columbia University Science Fiction Society
      >read the entire Lord of the Rings aloud from the legendary "Sundial"

      Oh, wow!

      >sign up to read together, which at least once evolved into taking
      >roles in dialog. I was lucky enough to fall into the part of
      >Galadriel opposite Mike Rubin (who I think was a sometime member of
      >the Mythopoeic Society?) as Gimli.

      May he rest in peace. I didn't know you'd known Mike. (who, among
      his filking endevours, did Borimir's Song to music).

      >if we were a cult. I'm not sure, but I think that CUSFS has kept up
      >the tradition of marathon readings.

      Not in recent memory (er, that would be 10 years or so, on my part).
      It would be a lovely tradition to revive, though; may talk to the
      current membership at some point -- we do continue the tradition of
      the Bilbo and Frodo birthday party (complete with reading the first
      chapter), but AFAIK, there is no marathon reading.

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