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  • Ernest Davis
    ... Alison Lurie s collection of essays Don t tell the grown-ups : subversive children s literature includes an article comparing The Once and Future King
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2002
      > From: SusanPal@...
      > Subject: White Query
      > Hello! Does anyone know if Tolkien ever read THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING? (I'd
      > imagine that he didn't, since he was so unenthusiastic about literature after
      > Chaucer, but wondered if anyone knows for sure.) Or, better yet, does anyone
      > know of articles dealing with with TOAFK and LOTR?

      Alison Lurie's collection of essays "Don't tell the grown-ups :
      subversive children's literature" includes an article comparing
      "The Once and Future King" to "The Lord of the Rings." Her opinion is
      that "The Once and Future King" has a deeper and more disturbing view
      of the nature of evil.

      -- Ernie Davis
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