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SFRA 2003 Call for Papers

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  • Christine Mains
    Although the focus of this group is mostly science fiction, a number of the members are also interested in fantasy and papers do get presented on Tolkien,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2002
      Although the focus of this group is mostly science fiction, a number of
      the members are also interested in fantasy and papers do get presented
      on Tolkien, Lewis, and more recent mythmakers such as Patricia McKillip
      and Charles de Lint. Given that it's in Canada this time, it would be
      nice to see some papers on de Lint and on Guy Gavriel Kay; after all,
      Kay does mythmaking with history.


      The Science Fiction Research Association 34th Conference

      Speculating Histories:
      Remembering Yesterday, Experiencing Today, Predicting Tomorrow

      June 26 - 29, 2003
      University of Guelph,
      Guelph, Ontario, Canada

      The focus of SFRA 2003 is on the intersections between history and
      speculative fiction. Speculating on the themes and events of history
      past, present, and future, and on theories about that history, is what
      authors of science fiction and fantasy do when they write in the genre;
      speculating on the continuing evolution of the genre and its impact on
      society is the task of scholars who study and teach it. Writing,
      reading, studying, and teaching speculative fiction provides a way of
      looking at where we've been, where we are, and where we're going.

      The Guest of Honor is Geoff Ryman, author of _The Warrior Who Carried
      Life_, _The Child Garden_, _Was_, _253_, and _Lust_. Other guests
      include Candas Jane Dorsey, Phyllis Gotlieb, Nalo Hopkinson, Robert J.
      Sawyer, Karl Schroeder, and Peter Watts, as well as plenary speaker
      Farah Mendlesohn on Children's SF. We are expecting Special Guest Cliff
      Gates to demonstrate Fakespace. In the planning stages is an excursion
      to the Royal Ontario Museum, which is also convenient to The Merrill
      Collection, BAKKA Books, the Gardner Ceramic Museum, and the Bata Shoe
      Museum as well as to shopping and dining.

      Given the theme of SFRA 2003, topics may include (but are certainly not
      limited to) Cosmologies and Eschatologies and Everything In-Between;
      (D)Evolution in SF; Origins of the Genre; Forebears of SF: Shelley,
      Wells, Verne, et al.; Frankenstein's Monster: Ancestors and Descendants;
      the Golden Age of SF; Space Opera and American History; Pioneers in
      Space; SF and War; Films Look at SF: the Fifties and Beyond; Generation
      Starships; Historical Fantasy/Fantastical History; What If?: Alternate
      Histories; Tales of Many Cities: Steampunk, Cyberpunk, and Urban
      Fantasy; Futures Near and Far; Time Travel; The Decline and Fall of
      Galactic Empires; Intersecting Genres: Science Fantasy; Changing
      Paradigms of Race and Gender; the History of SF Scholarship; Theories of
      History/History of Theories; The SFRA, Past, Present, and Future. Papers
      on any of the guest writers are also most welcome, as are papers on any
      other aspect of science fiction.

      Proposals to read a paper (maximum 20 minute reading time) or to
      organize a panel should be received by October 8, 2002. Electronic
      submissions are both welcome and encouraged; please copy-n-paste the
      submission into the email rather than send it as an attachment. Send a
      brief paragraph, including title of the paper and contact information
      for the presenter, to:

      Christine Mains
      Department of English
      University of Calgary
      Calgary, AB Canada T2N 1N4

      Douglas Barbour
      Department of English
      University of Alberta
      Edmonton, AB Canada T6G 0B9
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