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Re: Arthurian

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  • paulinejalama
    You should look at the Camelot Project pages on the University of Rochester s website. http://www.lib.rochester.edu/camelot/acpbibs/bibhome.stm Pauline J.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 9 5:33 AM
      You should look at the Camelot Project pages on the University of
      Rochester's website.


      Pauline J. Alama
      Bantam Spectra 2002

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      > >Message: 3
      > > Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 17:17:09 EDT
      > > From: jamcconney@a...
      > >Subject: Re: Arthurian fiction
      > >
      > >I'm doing a study of contemporary Arthurian fiction--novels,
      drama, even
      > >short works (though I despair of ever tracking most of them down)
      > >written/published in the past 25 years (give or take a bit).
      > >
      > >At any rate, I'd appreciate any suggestions, either of
      bibliographic lists
      > >and/or individual works. I hope to be as complete as possible,
      though I'm
      > >sure some will slip through the cracks....
      > >
      > >Thanks!
      > >
      > >Anne
      > >
      > Start with _The New Arthurian Encyclopedia_, ed. Norris j. Lacy
      > I assume. I've seen other listings, but that seems (to me) the most
      > complete--of course, you'll have to skim through for the modern
      works. The
      > discussion under "Arthur" in _The Encyclopedia of Fantasy_, ed.
      John Clute
      > and John Grant (St. Martin's Griffin), has a section on Arthurian
      > and and some reference books listed at the end. These are obvious,
      so you
      > no doubt know them.
      > --Joe
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