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"What is mythopoeic"

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  • wpierce@xxxx.xxx
    Along the same vein as Steve s reply to Staci s question re: what is mythopoeic? . I would like to add A.A.Attanasio s book THE DRAGON AND THE UNICORN.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 1999
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      Along the same vein as Steve's reply to Staci's
      question re: "what is mythopoeic?". I would like
      to add A.A.Attanasio's book THE DRAGON AND THE
      UNICORN. Attanasio's telling of the Arthurian
      legend is from a universalist point of view. It
      is a dynamic merging of Norse, Celtic and
      Christian images, plus a little Stephen W.
      Hawking thrown in for good measure. I'm about
      3/4's of the way through and am now searching
      for the sequel (if there is any).
      Incidently, this 1996
      softcover HarperPrism edition (originally
      retailing for $16.00) cost me a buck at
      BUCK A BOOK (shamless plug for one of my favorite
      haunts). bill pierce
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