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'fair' enough already, right?

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  • odzer@aol.com
    Hi David B. ( and David L.)
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2002
      Hi David B. ( and David L.)

      << you're not likely to get permission to put whole
      Tolkien works on the web; >>

      No, not -whole works-, brief quotes...but lets not get this started again, it
      is all clear enough by now.(or at least it should be)

      <<If you're seeking an answer to your question about what you can do, you've
      gotten it many times over, >>

      Yes, yes, it is true, I/we got a very complete set of answers, and yes, the
      fair use margin is quite slender, much more so than I initially realized.

      <<even when it's perfectly OK to use
      something, permission will often be sought: >>

      Yes, yes, understood, and accepted.

      <<the web site you
      refer to is entirely misleading in implying that it's OK for instructors to
      give photocopies of entire articles to a whole class without permissions or

      Did it say that? I thought it said rather clearly ' do not neglect to pay
      those royalties...'
      No, wait!!! don't answer that....
      And I was mostly just asking you what you thought of it. But I see your
      point, 'tis a rather redundant query.

      If you
      just want to have a conversation about copyright, I'm not sure if this is
      the best place.>>

      Well, I think it -was- a pretty good place, but yes, more than enough has
      been said already. I did not wish to drag it out excessively like this, but
      if I nevertheless have done so, mea culpa, and I am sorry if it appeared I
      was disregarding, or willfully misunderstanding what you and others have
      thoughtfully written. OK?

      John Potts
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