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Re: web content/ permission

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  • michael_martinez2
    ... I think you did. All I meant was that I did not get the impression you intended to cite so much of Tolkien s work that you might be crossing the line.
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 14 10:24 AM
      --- In mythsoc@y..., odzer@a... wrote:
      > Thanks, Michael, for this
      > >I wonder if all these words of caution aren't being pressed home a
      > >bit too firmly. I did not get the impression that a significant
      > >amount of citation would occur on the proposed Web site.<
      > I am not sure what you mean, is it that I would -not- use much
      > materiel needing to be cited as another's work? And do you
      > distinguish in this between primary and secondary materiel? That I
      > was not aware in what I proposed this at the time what citations I
      > would need, or that what I suggested for presentation did not sound
      > like it would contain much materiel needing extensive citations?
      > Did I create an unclear impression of what I intended?

      I think you did. All I meant was that I did not get the impression
      you intended to cite so much of Tolkien's work that you might be
      crossing the line. You DID say you would ask other people (some on
      this list) to contribute to your site.

      > >>But I will suggest that any Tolkien poem or song included on the
      > proposed Web site be accompanied by commentary at least twice as
      > (in number of words) as the citations. The time required to create
      > the commentary should make it all but prohibitive to use all of the
      > tolkien poetic material, and therefore it should stand any legal
      > scrutiny much more easily.<<
      > One point to make, the amount of original content I plan to create
      by way of
      > commentary is secondary to the assignment, which is about the
      mechanics, not
      > so much content per se, of websites.

      If you're going to post any of the Tolkien poems on the Web, you
      should ensure you do it properly. And that brings us back to the
      words of caution others shared with you. The mechanics of Web design
      are meaningless without the ethics. Technically, ensuring that you
      include more commentary than citation IS part of the mechanics.

      Get in the habit of doing it right the first time and every time, and
      people will see you do quality work.

      I manage over 100 Web sites, which cover more than 50,000 pages of
      content. I can turn them out in my sleep. But I still try to
      observe good ethics.
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