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Re: [mythsoc] Re: 1st edition Silmarillion

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  • Wayne G. Hammond
    ... My and my wife s site includes a page devoted to Christina s occasional magazine _The Tolkien Collector_ (the URL is
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 4, 2002
      Michael wrote:

      >I know of two collector sites which specialize in Tolkien
      >merchandise. Unfortunately, I have not yet committed Wayne Hammond's
      >site to memory. I think the URL may be in this list's archive, or
      >perhaps he'll see this thread and respond.

      My and my wife's site includes a page devoted to Christina's occasional
      magazine _The Tolkien Collector_ (the URL is
      http://lanfiles.williams.edu/~whammond/collect.html) but not points of
      Tolkien bibliography. For that, Matt will want to consult my _J.R.R.
      Tolkien: A Descriptive Bibliography_ (St Paul's Bibliographies and Oak
      Knoll Books, 1993). I've planned for a long time to post on our site the
      addenda and corrigenda to my Bibliography that have appeared in the
      _Tolkien Collector_ but have been otherwise occupied, and may not do so now
      that Oak Knoll Press have agreed to publish a second edition of the book in
      2004, much enlarged, corrected, and revised.

      >The other site would be http://www.tolkiencollector.com/ and it's run
      >by Mike Williams. I don't know if he posts identifying information
      >regarding 1st edition books.

      No, he doesn't. Mainly he provides links, especially click-throughs to
      Amazon.com. There was once someone who posted Tolkien bibliography points
      on the Web, stealing freely from my book while introducing many
      inaccuracies, but the site died months ago.

      >The dust jacket for 1st edition books will be white and contain a
      >picture (jagged sharp lines) drawn by Tolkien of some mountains, I
      >think. I'm at work and cannot check my books to make sure.

      You're thinking of the first American edition. Matt said that he bought the
      British edition. Of that, basically if it doesn't say on the copyright page
      that it's a later printing, it's a first. But there were binding variants,
      and actually two first printings, by different printers, one for the
      domestic market and one for export, all of which are detailed in the
      Bibliography. None of this should have any effect on value, despite what
      some booksellers would like to have us believe, as everything was published
      simultaneously. The value of first British and first American
      _Silmarillion_s however has been rising lately, along with Tolkien prices
      in general. The Nasmith _Silmarillion_ in its limited edition is indeed
      worth more than the first trade edition, but the trade edition of the
      Nasmith is still to be found in shops so has not appreciated.

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