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OT: Re: [mythsoc] Moulin Rouge???

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  • Jon Brisbin
    I actually liked it quite a bit :-) I m weird that way, though... My thoughts are sprinkled around below... ... Well said. This is my reaction as well. ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2002
      I actually liked it quite a bit :-) I'm weird that way, though... My
      thoughts are sprinkled around below...

      > I thought it was so original I have trouble evaluating whether it was
      > successful.

      Well said. This is my reaction as well.

      > Let a few other directors try to make something like it and then
      > I'll be able to tell whether it was a first-rate film of its kind.

      I think it was the Nat'l Geo photographer Gordon Wiltsie (?sp) who said in
      one of his books that people often immediately recognized the "point" of his
      photographs. Many even tried to send examples of thier own work to him,
      demonstrating that they too understood how to achieve a particular effect.
      However...The Big However. They didn't actually *achieve* the effect that
      he had. His point was that any Joe Shmoe can look at a photograph and grasp
      it's significance and understand the profundity of its' statement. That's a
      tribute to the mastery of the artist. But to *really* understand the effect
      you're trying to achieve, and actually pull it off, is something entirely,
      completely, absolutely, and wildly different. I think that this film would
      fit into that category, though you might think I'm just a little off-base
      here ;-)

      I personally felt the film achieved the effect they intended and I enjoyed
      it just for that. I loved their artistry in filmmaking, even though it's
      not neccessarily what I'd like to see on a regular basis. Now, it's not the
      "best" movie I've ever seen, granted. But what does that mean anyway? Best
      is only a term we use in relation to our life experiences at a particular
      point in time, weighed against our flighty, human nature to flit from branch
      to branch depending on the weather (and our mood) at the finite second that
      we have to think about such things. At the moment in time I watched this
      movie (on video...I'm not *that* crazy ;-), the weather was warm and I was
      in a good mood :-)

      Back to "All the King's Men" and "The Picture of Dorian Gray"...(yes I read
      more than one book at once...it drives my wife bonkers! ;-)...

      Jon Brisbin
      Lamar, MO
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