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FOTR to have 3 different DVD releases

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  • Sweet & Tender Hooligan
    http://www.dvdtalk.com/ourweek/index.html =========== Lord of The Rings is the kind of high stakes Hollywood gamble that people will talk about for years. New
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2002


      Lord of The Rings is the kind of high stakes Hollywood gamble that people
      will talk about for years. New Line rolled the dice investing more than $270
      Million dollars into the productions of the three Lord of The Rings movies
      and spent over 200 days shooting all three movies together. My favorite
      quote about their investment in the film was, 'When the trilogy is complete,
      Peter Jackson will have spent a decade of his life working on The Lord of
      The Rings'..... So that's why there hasn't been a Dead Alive 2!

      New Line's jubilation at the success of Lord of The Rings was as much the
      focus of the Lord of the Ring Event as the DVDs themselves. Sure Lord of The
      Rings didn't win all the Academy Awards they had hoped, but isn't 4 enough
      to excited about? Must be, as some of the distinguished guests of the party
      (namely those who DID win the Oscar) brought the little gold guy with them
      to the party, carrying them around like a newborn that everyone wants to

      No Peter Jackson wasn't at the event (which was a shame), but via a recorded
      message he told the crowd that he'd raced back to Australia to continue to
      work on The Two Towers and all things Lord of The Rings. His message was
      followed by the 'premiere' of the trailer for The Two Towers (the trailer
      will be in theaters starting Friday) but we're sure it'll also make its
      rounds on the Internet.

      All New Line's excitement over Lord of The Rings is good news for DVD fans,
      because New Line is matching their unprecedented movie gamble with a big
      gamble on the DVD release of The Lord of The Rings.

      Here's a break down of what we know about the three releases. Since the
      'Extended Version' is still 'in production' New Line did not release all the
      features which will appear on that DVD or in their 'Limited Edition Gift

      August 6 - Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring DVD. (Theatrical
      Don't be fooled by the title, the August 6th release of Lord of The Rings IS
      a Special Edition, but is being called the 'Theatrical Version' to
      distinguish it from November DVD Release. The 'Theatrical Version' will be
      released in separate Anamorphic Widescreen and Full Frame editions, both
      featuring Dolby Digital 5.1 EX and Dolby 2.0 audio and will have 2 DVDs with
      the following features:

      . Three Lord of The Rings Documentaries: 'Welcome to Middle-earth', 'The
      Quest for the Ring' and 'A Passage to Middle-earth' (which is the Sci-Fi
      Channel's special).
      . Fifteen Featurettes (from LordofTheRings.net) including interviews with
      cast and crew.
      . 'Exclusive Early Look' at The Twin Towers with Peter Jackson, with
      behind-the-scenes footage not available anywhere else.
      . Enya 'May It Be' music video
      . Preview of the 'Extended Version DVD
      . Preview of the Electronic Arts Lord of The Rings Video Game
      . Lord of The Rings - The Two Towers TV Spot and Trailers
      . Original Lord of The Rings theatrical trailers and TV spots
      . Exclusive online content for Lord of The Rings DVD owners with DVD-ROM
      MSRP for the 'Theatrical Version' of Lord of The Rings is $29.95 but expect
      to see it pre-order online for around $19.99.

      November 12- Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring DVD. (Extended
      The 'Extended Version' of Lord of The Rings is an entirely new cut of the
      movie (presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen). Peter Jackson and company
      have gone back and recut The Lord of The Rings which on the 'Extended
      Version DVD' will feature 30 minutes of additional footage, effects and more
      recut into the movie. What's really exciting about this is that they've
      actually produced these 30 new minutes with new effects and more newly
      composed and recorded score (which is expected to get an upgraded 'R'
      rating). New Line is treating the 'Extended Version' like 'an entirely
      different film' . Now here's the tricky part.... New Line did not release
      the complete details and features of the 4 DVD 'Extended Version', so no one
      can be 100% sure if any of the features of the 'Theatrical Version' will be
      on the 'Extended Version' and from what we understand, the 'Extended
      Version' DVD set probably won't also include the theatrical cut of the movie
      (but as the details haven't been announced we can't be 100% sure. The first
      date they told retailers they could start accepting orders for the 'Extended
      Version' is June 4
      MSRP for the 'Extended Version' was not announced but we were told that it
      should be $39.95

      November 12- Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring DVD. (Limited
      Edition Gift Set)
      If 2 versions of The Lord of The Rings isn't enough. New Line is also
      planning a 'Limited Edition Gift Set' which includes the 4 DVD 'Extended
      Version', two bookend statuettes designed by Sideshow Weta, the DVD for
      National Geographics 'Beyond The Movie - The Lord of The Rings' with some
      never before released extras, and some Lord of The Rings 'collectible
      Decipher game cards'. No price was announced for the Limited Edition Gift
      Set, but expect it to be spendy.

      So what's our take on The Lord of The Rings DVD? The 4 DVD 'Extended
      Version' really looks like the DVD to get and Peter Jackson (who is a huge
      fan of DVD) seems to be really focused on making the 'Extended Version' the
      'ultimate' Lord of The Rings experience. We cringe at the idea that DVD fans
      would need to buy BOTH versions of the movie to get all the special features
      so hopefully New Line will include all the 'extras' from the 'Theatrical
      Version' on the 'Extended Version' DVD.

      We DO NOT expect that the 'Extended Version' of the DVD will also include
      the Theatrical cut of the film, but that's OK. With everything that's going
      into producing the 'Extended Version' it most likely will become the
      preferred cut of the film for most fans to watch and enjoy.

      We'll of course keep you posted as we learn more details for the 'Extended
      Version' of Lord of The Rings, and will also post links to online stores
      when they start taking orders for the 3 versions of Lord of The Rings DVD.



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