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  • Trudy Shaw
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      >I think I read somewhere that Shelob's being moved to the beginning of the
      third film? Does anyone else remember this, or am I making it up?

      >I'm most looking forward to Gollum, I think, and the Ents. And I hope the
      Legolas/Gimli friendship gets more screentime.


      I've heard of the moving of Shelob to the beginning of RotK, too, and I think it was reported by someone from a Peter Jackson interview. We'll have to see how it plays out, but if he wants to give a semblance of an ending to each movie, rather than an absolute cliffhanger, it would make sense. (BTW, as I've maybe mentioned before in this context, that's where Bakshi stops the Frodo/Sam storyline in his first [and last] installment--just _before_ Shelob's lair.)

      I'm looking forward to watching the destruction of Isengard, which I'm guessing we'll see firsthand instead of hearing about it later. Since the agony of the trees being felled was emphasized in FotR, its follow-up is probably well planned for.

      And, since Frodo's been my favorite character since long before the present actor was born, any part of the Frodo/Sam story: the taming of Smeagol, the Black Gate*, the encounter with Faramir.


      *I've maybe shared this before, too, but it's one of my favorite little anecdotes from the making of the movies (anyone not interested in such things can skip this paragraph). Sean Astin told it as an example of how tightly they had to keep to the shooting schedule: While filming the scene in which Sam goes into the river after Frodo, Sean gashed his foot on a rock. A nasty gash, from the sound of it--went through the latex hobbit foot into his real foot badly enough that he had to have quite a number of stitches taken. He said he apologized to Peter Jackson for holding up the filming, since he wouldn't be able to walk on that foot until it healed somewhat. Jackson replied, "Oh, that's okay. We'll shoot the scene at the Black Gate tomorrow--you only have to crawl in that." And, evidently, that's exactly what they did--so as not to lose any shooting time! So, when I see that scene on screen, I know I'll be thinking of Sean Astin playing it with a freshly-gashed-and-stitched up foot--could enhance the acting for that scene. 8-)

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