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Re: [mythsoc] contamination of their conception of the books

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  • SusanPal@aol.com
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    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 5, 2002
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      << Gee, I recall one of the screenwriters claimed she deliberately did -not-
      reread the trilogy prior to writing the screnplay so it wouldn't distort her
      conception of how the story should be told (?!?!?!)-maybe i could find the
      original interview, but maybe someone else saw this? How idiotic...

      I haven't seen that -- certainly Jackson and Walsh reread the trilogy, and I
      gather that many dog-eared copies were used copiously on the set (although
      viewers may disagree with how respectfully the text was adapted). I'd be
      interested to see that interview!

      That Jackson was afraid to read 'Bored of the Rings?'? how silly.... >>

      Well, if it really would have messed with his reading of Tolkien, why is it
      silly? Various people here have said that various artforms "interfere" with
      their vision of the work more than others. Don't we all have the right to
      define for ourselves what we want to read or see and what we don't? (I only
      have trouble with that when people then presume to express *opinions* on what
      they've refused to read or see, but Jackson didn't say that the Harvard
      Lampoon version was trash, only that he'd elected to avoid it.)

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