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Please remove me from e-mail list-

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  • Hal May
    Joan Marie Verba wrote: From: Joan Marie Verba This message is to remind everyone on the list
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 1999
      "Joan Marie Verba" <verba001@...> wrote:
      From: "Joan Marie Verba" <verba001@...>

      This message is to remind everyone on the list that all posts to the list
      are placed in public archives which can be read by anyone going to onelist.
      Your posts may be used by the officers (e.g. Stewards) of the Mythopoeic
      Society for information or publicity. We cannot prevent others from
      forwarding or transferring your posts, though we would ask in courtesy that
      those other than Mythopoeic Society officers contact the originator of the
      post for their consent before placing the post elsewhere, and that such
      posts be accompanied by proper acknowledgement.

      If you have any questions or comments about this policy, those may be
      directed either to the list or to me as list administrator.

      I tried to have my list service discontinued a couple of
      days ago. It has not been done yet.Please remove it.
      Thank you
      Hal May
      Joan Marie Verba verba001@...
      Club Coordinator, Official Siddig El Fadil/Alexander Siddig Fan Club
      Secretary for the Mythopoeic Press, Mythopoeic Society
      List administrator for DocEx, MythSoc, MNSCBWI, and MNSCREENW lists
      Member of GASP, Keeper of Giles's Writing Desk

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