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Baum and Women's rights

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  • David Lenander
    Yes, in part. But if it was only General Jinjur, it would appear that Baum was satirizing the women s movement, and really it s much more complex than that.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2002
      Yes, in part. But if it was only General Jinjur, it would appear that Baum was
      satirizing the women's movement, and really it's much more complex than that.
      Consider that the rebellious milkmaids depose the benevolent monarch, the
      Scarecrow, but ultimately, it is the Good Witch/Sorceress of the South who
      re-establishes order, defeats the evil witch Mombi, and replaces Jinjur with a
      new Princess (after a magical sex-change) who will reign in Oz forever after.
      Including over the three sub-rulers of the country, the Good Witches of the
      North and South, and the Emperor of the Winkies/West, the Tin Woodman, as well
      as the apparently sub-ruler-less Munchkins in the East. Much of the narrative
      is preoccupied with the adventures of an all-male cast, from Tip, Jack
      Pumpkinhead, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, the Sawhorse, the Woggle-bug, even
      the Gump, but most of the power and effectuality is in women, from Old Mombi
      (who was herself deposed earlier, not for her power, but for her evil, by the
      more powerful Good Witch of the North), to Jellia Jamb, to Jinjur and her army,
      to Glinda and her girl army. Finally, of course, Tip ascends to power, but only
      by giving up his gender (yes, I realize by having her gender restored, but
      consider, too, in order to have taken away Ozma's original power, she was
      changed to a powerless boy). This is weird and interesting stuff in a 1904
      children's book. Imagine the motion picture they'd make of this today....
      Maybe I don't want to go there....

      Diamond Proudbrook wrote:

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      > > supposedly the favorite of the members of the international Oz club,
      > > the one without Dorothy but with the interesting commentary on
      > > American suffragism and Women's rights--Baum's
      > > mother was a famous suffragette
      > You're talking about General Jinjur, aren't you?
      > Diamond Proudbrook

      David Lenander,

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