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Re: The Blair Witch Project

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  • rspeer
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 4, 1999
      <<Sci-Fi's tv program is well
      done and a brillant advertisement of the movie.>>
      I thought the Sci-Fi advert was brillantly done as well, but I still think
      that it would have been much better if there really had been a Blair Witch.
      Thank you for the warm reception of my web page.
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    • rspeer
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      Message 2 of 5 , Aug 4, 1999
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        > writes:
        > > When I first heard about this movie on the Sci-Fi Network, I couldn't
        > > wait for the movie to be released. Since that time, however, I have
        > > learned that the whole thing is a hoax. These are just movie actors
        > > playing these parts and there is not really a myth concerning the
        > > Blair Witch. This has greatly cooled my desire to watch this movie.
        > >
        > > There are many "real" myths in America from which to explore without
        > > resorting to the planning of a new myth.
        > I can't make any sense of the claim that you're making here. Are you
        > that no movie can use completely original materials?
        What I am saying: They should have taken on an existing legend, and made
        a movie from it.
        When you are trying for reality, and if one wants to add more tension to
        a movie such as this, wouldn't it be better to find an already exising

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