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Re: [mythsoc] Wrinkle in Time Mini-series.

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  • Ron Bryant
    On 10:35 PM 2/13/02 +0000, hobbitmrw wrote:Can anyone tell me when the Wrinkle in Time mini-series is supposed to air? And on what channel?Don t worry
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 17, 2002
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      On 10:35 PM 2/13/02 +0000, hobbitmrw wrote:

      >Can anyone tell me when the "Wrinkle in Time" mini-series is supposed
      >to air? And on what channel?

      Don't worry ... I don't think we missed it.

      Upon reading your message, I went over to the Web to have a look, and found
      no definite word about a specific airdate. When the show was first
      announced, it was originally scheduled to show on ABC's _Wonderful World of
      Disney_ in January, 2002. One site I found had mention of a postponement
      for the show until new fall season in September.

      There's no sign of the show in the February schedule on ABC's website, nor
      is there anything about it anywhere on the Disney or Miramax Pictures
      websites. The absence of mention in those places usually means that a firm
      airdate hasn't really been set yet. It's also unclear (due to the lack of
      information) whether we're waiting for an executive decision at ABC, or the
      L'Engle project has been delayed simply because it's not finished. On the
      other hand, if it's ready, it's still early enough to consider that, while
      ABC didn't opt for re-scheduling the show as a "sweeps" offering in
      February, there's a chance that it might be shown during the next sweeps
      period coming up in May.

      Until another source of definite information presents itself, I'd say the
      best way to keep abreast of possible airdates is to refer to the _Wonderful
      World of Disney_ entries on ABC's website on a regular basis. If you want
      to be more thorough, check the Disney and Miramax sites just as often.



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