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RE: [mythsoc] "Left (Flat) Behind" series (was Trying that forward again!)

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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2002
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      << I've read a few of the Left Behind books, and they really don't have that
      attitude. The whole point is that these are people who were left behind
      because, at the time, they thought those who were taken were religious nuts.
      The heroes of the books all convert afterwards so they understand the
      resistance that many have to Christianity, having had that so recently

      I thought they had some of that understanding, true; one thing that I liked was how the Christians set up an "underground" economy under the noses of the enemy---except that they could have used a few more threats from Babylon. And it stretches credulity that Nicolae's people haven't even *conceived* of the idea that they're bugging Nicholae's plane.

      << On the other hand, I wouldn't really recommend these books unless you want
      brain candy. They're almost all dialogue and action. They read very fast
      but they're not well-written. It's like reading a movie.>>

      An excellent description of the effect it had on me; very like a movie script. Flat characters, next to no description. Which is why I've christened it "Left Flat Behind." ---djb

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